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Hardcore Releaselist Weeknr. #36

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Underground Music| top

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1. Audio Damage

A1 I Believe In Death VIP
A2 Check On My Rep' (2nd 2 None)
B1 The Number (Shotgun Surgery Mix)
B2 Tech Wrecking (2008 Mix)

The Sickness EP

AD007 12"  
2. Base Corrupt
Matt Green & D-Formed

A1 Plasma
B1 Black Forest (Fused Forces Rmx)
B2 Paradize

Base.Corrupt #10

remix Fused Forces

3. Cheese Graterz
Various Artists

A1 Back Off Suckers
A2 Cluster Fuck
B1 Dope Beat
B2 The Spartans
B3 Dig This
C1 ( Reload All Your ) Shooters
C2 Knowledge
D1 Something's Coming
D2 Predacore
E1 Death Sentence
E2 Kickdrum Carnage
F1 R U On Drugs Remix
F2 Black & White Cafe

The Sick Sixth Symphony

Intergalactik Purifier
The Speed Freak
Al Twisted & Sadistic
DJ Tones
Jay Prescot & Riddler

GRATER666 3x12"  
4. Hardline Rekordingz

A1 Dynamic Culture
B1 Hymnen

Dynamic Culture / Hymnen

HARDLINE 024 12"  
5. Lost Frequency Recordings
The Teknoist

A1 15 Boots
B1 Techno Exorcism

15 Boots / Techno Exorcism

LFR003 12"  
6. Marked For Death
Matt Green

A1 Untitled 1
B1 Untitled 2

Untitled 1 & 2

MFD 002 12"  
7. Motormouth Recordz
Razor Edge

A1 Modern Exposure
A2 Kinetic Force
B1 Nuclear Healing
B2 Hag Phenomena

Fuck The End Timers EP

MOUTH002 12"  
8. Narkotik Rekordz
DJ Freak

A1 High Supply
A2 Come On In (Remix)
B1 Killing Me
B2 Fuk U V.1

High Supply E.P.

NARKOTIK005 12"  
9. Narkotik Overdoze
Various Artists

A1 At War With A Statistic
A2 Crushed To Bits
B1 Women Should Stay Home
B2 No One Is Stoppin It

Disturb The Peace E.P V.2

Deterrent Man
Project Industrial vs. Noizefucker

OVERDOZE 002 12"  
10. Corrupt Redux
Matt Green

A1 N.I.T.M.
A2 Annoying Waveform (Matt Green Takerz ...
B1 True Control
B2 Childhood Trauma (Koney Remix)

Corrupt Redux #04

Koney remix Matt Green)

remix Koney

REDUX004 12"  
11. Rigormortis Records
Noizefucker & Trash

A1 Enough
A2 Doomed To Remain
A3 The Story About Mary Bell
B1 Lady Boy Cunt
B2 Tin Of 2NR
B3 Wonder What

Rigamortis Records No. 3

RR003 12"  
12. Sensory Violation
Fiend & Hammer Damage

A1 The Vicious
A2 Living In Fear
B1 Rumble Strips
B2 Legalize It

The Social Outcasts EP

SV012 12"  
13. Xtreme Audio Violence
Various Artists

A1 The King
A2 For The Pussy
B1 Hate Mankind
B2 Anti-Social Behaviour

Xtreme Audio Violence #1

Vague Entity
The Destroyer

XAV001 12"  

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