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Unearthed - Import - weeknr. #23

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id label artist |  tracks title |  track artists catalog format EUR
1. MTA Records

A1 Automatik
B1 Hydraulic

12" Vinyl
Automatik // Hydraulic

MTA092 12"  
2. Code Recordings
Bachelors Of Science

A1 Satisfy
B1 Kanto
B2 The Space Between

12" Vinyl
The Space Between Remixes Vol. 1

Bachelors Of Science remix Bcee & Villem
Bachelors Of Science remix Quadrant
Bachelors Of Science remix Method One

CODER009 12"  
3. Sneaker Social Club
Throwing Snow

A1 Shadower
B1 Sanctum

12" Vinyl
Shadower / Sanctum

SNKR001 12"  
4. Sneaker Social Club
AI Tourettes

A1 Habit 7
B1 Inventing

12" Vinyl
Habit Inventing

SNKR002 12"  
5. Sneaker Social Club
Zoé Zoe

A1 Church
B1 Hollow
B2 October

12" Vinyl

SNKR003 12"  
6. Sneaker Social Club
Neil Landstrumm

A1 Guzacid
A3 Super Mousse (Is On The Loose)
B1 MC Aldsy AIDS
B2 315

12" Vinyl

SNKR004 12"  
7. Sneaker Social Club
Bass Clef

A1 Free My Mind
B1 Oh 2 B In Love
B2 Where I Keep My Heart

12" Vinyl
Present Moment Only Moment

SNKR005 12"  
8. Sneaker Social Club
Lukes Anger

A1 Lyn Track
A2 Filas And Undercuts
B1 World Warrior
B2 Polite Violence

12" Vinyl
Filas And Undercuts

SNKR006 12"  
9. Sneaker Social Club
Neil Landstrumm

A1 Dragging Under
A2 Nonplussed
B1 The Great Nonsense
B2 Me Weird Loves Candyfloss
B3 Has Anyone Seen Raz?
C1 Electrified At Dawn
C2 Kevin From Heaven
C3 Two Stroke
D1 Where Do We Begin
D2 Septic Thumb
D3 Keep Up

2x12" Vinyl
Dragon Under

SNKRLP001 2x12"  
10. Sledgehead Bristol
Sledgehead Bristol (Ray Mighty)

A1 We Are Family Dreams
B1 Dreams Satisfy

12" Vinyl LTD Edition
We Are Family Dreams // Dreams Satisfy

SHB003 12"  
11. Unknown Label
Unknown Artist

A1 Fuck The Beach
B1 Trying To Connect With My Higher... ...

12" Vinyl
Fuck The Beach // Trying To Connect With My Higher... Whatever The Fuck

CAT003 12"  
12. Unknown To The Unknown
Mall Grab

A1 I 've Always Liked Grime
B1 Black Palms
B2 Menace II Society

An artist who's making a huge name for h...
Menace II Society

UTTU063 12"  
13. WhoDemSound
J.Robinson (WhoDemSound)

A1 Rolling With The Punches
B1 Mr Chatty Chatty
B2 Sax Cut

10" Vinyl LTD Edition
J.Robinson WhoDemSound feat. Jah Mirikle / Donovan Kingjay [Ltd 10" Vinyl]

J.Robinson (WhoDemSound) feat. Jah Mirikle
J.Robinson (WhoDemSound) feat. Donovan Kingjay
J.Robinson (WhoDemSound)

WHODEM012 10"  
14. Reggae Roast
Interrupt & Tenor Youthman

A1 Keep Calm
B1 Keep Calm (Version)

7" Vinyl
Keep Calm

Interrupt & Tenor Youthman

RR031 7"  
15. Samurai Music
The Untouchables

A1 Blackout
A2 X Gene(With Loxy)
B1 Overdose
B2 Scars

The Untouchables debut EP for Samurai Mu...
Blackout EP

SMDE002 12"  
16. UVB-76 Music
Clarity / Mantra

A1 Tendrils
B1 Mind Games

12" Vinyl
Tendrils // Mind Games


UVB76003 12"  
17. Samurai Horo
Various Artists

A1 9th Divided (9th HarmonicRemix)
A2 Visceria
B1 Corrosion (Remix)
B2 Loophole

12" Marbled Vinyl
Horo Remixed

ENA remix Ancestral Voices
DiNT remix ENA
Synth Sense
ASC remix Sam KDC

18. 20/20 LDN Recordings
Ivy Lab

A1 Can't Say No
A2 Fortuna
A3 Salf Toffee
B1 U Smart
B2 Spooky Dub
B3 Burlusconi

12" Vinyl
Fortuna EP

Ivy Lab & Roses Gabor
Ivy Lab & Alix Perez
Ivy Lab
Ivy Lab & Tim Parker
Ivy Lab
Ivy Lab

2020LDN004 12"  

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id label artist |  tracks title |  track artists catalog format EUR
19. Jungle Cakes
Cain.1 & Wakcutt / Slynx

A1 Night Nurs
B1 Bad Duppy Walk

12" Vinyl Repress
Night Nurse / Bad Duppy Walk

Cain.1 & Wakcutt

JC011 12"  

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