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International DJ, producer, gothic b-boy and praying mantis.
Born capricorn 1972, homebase Stockholm, Sweden.
A sound architect with many pseudonyms; Mystic Letter K, Mr Barth, Fred, Shape Changer, Vector, The Mantis and Braincell to name a few.
Music attracted Cari with great impact allready at an early age. Which made him start to collect records and edit music in the late 70´s. With his main inspiration deriving from Funk, Hip-Hop, Electro, House, and Techno he started to assemble his own production studio (Hybrid productions) during the 80's. As well as studying Kung-Fu, Breakdancing and Graffiti. During the 90's and 00's Cari's music productions resulted in hundreds of record releases, DJ and live performances plus non-stop worldwide tours with countless appearances on Television and Radio.
And alongside Adam Beyer, Robert Leiner, Joel Mull and Jesper Dahlback, to name a few, played an important role in putting the swedish electronic music scene on the international map. No matter where the record store is; Tokyo to London to Los Angeles, if it is a respected one it will surely carry some "swedish sounds".
Future plans and dreams for Cari include music and sound effects for video-games, film and television as well as producing more artists and solo projects.

Some of Cari's early musical influences are coming from Sweden, USA & Germany; James Brown, Ralph Lundsten, Herbie Hancock, African Bambaata, Egyptian Lover, Chris "The Glove" Taylor, Kraftwerk and Mantronix. His various productions and remixes can be found on; Drumcode, Truesoul records, Code Red, Railyard recordings, Heroes, Corb, Harthouse, Loop/Plumphouse Records, Missile, Jericho, Tortured, Electrix, Primevil, Telephatic, Svek, Planet Rhythm, Tronic music, MB Electronics, Subvoice, Superstition and more.

His own label projects include; H-Productions, KaunTrax, Djupt, Grundtakt, Trainspotters Nightmare, AudioMekanixc, Audio Pollution, KGB, Direkt and Spirit Fuel. Most releases have appeared on H-Productions which was formally known as Hybrid productions due to a legal twist back in 1998, with Awex inc´s group called Hybrid. The first Hybrid releases were Electro/Hip-Hop inspired beats, sadly sparse due to lack of currency. But around 1992 the label started a proper vinyl 12" inch output with the help of Glenn Wilson and Planet Rhythm Records. A few years later the label was accepted on the international electronic underground scene with its uncompromising cutting edge dance-music sounds.


catno. title label released format
4KCD Techcommunity 4 Kosovo Phuture Trax 1999 12"
AE 002 Handle With Care Audio Emotions 2006 12"
AOF004 Absence / Presence Absence of Facts 2017 12"
CODE RED 04 C-Theories Code red 1997 2x12"
CORB 011 4WD Corb 2002 12"
DC 04 Råhångel Me´ Drumcode 1997 12"
DC 10 Vänsterprassel Me´ Drumcode 1997 12"
DC 15A Split EP Drumcode 1998 12"
DC 15B Split EP Remixes Drumcode 1998 12"
DC10YEARS Swedish Silver - 10 Years Of Drumcode Drumcode 2006 2x12"
HERO-INTPACK 001 Heroes International Pack Heroes International 2010 3x12"
HP 1015 Universalsessions - Instrumentalicks H Productions 1999 12"
HP 1201 Sons And Daughters Of The Rising H Productions 1997 4x12"
HP 1203X Vet Dom Som För Att H Productions 2004 12"
HP 1204X Reverted / Ã…terkommen H Productions 2004 12"
HP 1212 Parallel Content H Productions 1999 12"
HP 1213 Free From Form H Productions 1999 12"
HP 1214 Galactick Intafase H Productions 1999 12"
HP 1215 Universal Sessions H Productions 1999 12"
HP 1218 The Progamator H Productions 2000 12"
HP 1221 Reanimations H Productions 2006 12"
HP 1227 Magic Vandal EP H Productions 2002 12"
HP 1230 Son Of Two EP H Productions 2002 12"
HP 1232 Woman EP H Productions 2002 12"
HP 1234 Fever EP H Productions 2003 12"
HP 1235 Composer EP H Productions 2003 12"
HPCD 025 Reverted Collection 2002 H Productions 2002 12"
HPX 002 Motions Of Energy H Productions 2004 12"
HPX 004 Vibrations H Productions 2005 12"
KTX 005-6 Understanding of Nothing Kaun Trax 2006 12"
LEMUNFL 001 Cari Lekebush presents : NFL Kru Lemunfl 2006 12"
MOTE 013 Spindizzy Mote-Evolver 2009 12"
PAIN 017 Sudden Scene EP Tortured Records 1999 12"
PAIN 035 Dark Funk Matters EP Tortured Records 2005 12"
RYR 002 Taste NYC EP Railyard Records 2006 12"
RYR 003 The shadow Railyard Records 2006 12"
RYR 010 space suite Railyard Records 2007 12"
TRUE 1204 Shaded Truesoul 2004 12"
TRUE 1212 Level Of Reality Truesoul 2007 12"
TRUE 1223 Passing Thru / Landing Strip Truesoul 2009 12"
TRUE 12LTD01 The Architect Picture Disc Truesoul 2010 12"
TRUELP 003 The Architect Truesoul 2004 2x12"
TURBO 055-6 Working The Truth Turbo 2008 12"

catno. title label released format
PRVL 001 Two Fat Downloads 88 EP Primevil 1997 12"
APE 003CD Endangered Mixes Volume 2 Primate Endangered Species 2002 12"
PRVL 042 Takes U There Remixes Primevil 2003 12"
DC 027.5 Swedish Steel Ltd Drumcode 2004 12"
AE 001 1st Emotion Audio Emotions 2005 12"
TURBO 062-6 Shaman Turbo 2009 12"
ELEK-CD 002 Seriously Techno mixed by D.A.V.E The Drummer Elektrax Recordings 2009 CD
TRESOR254 Leitmotiv 'The Remixes' Tresor Records 2012 12"
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