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Tortured Records

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Tortured Records


label profile: Tortured Records

Spurred on by his frustration with the lack of British support and knowledge of the music that he was into at the time, Tortured Records was launched in January 1997 by label owner, Billy Nasty. Techno was going through a particularly bad spell in the late nineties, and especially in the UK. Many of today's highest profile producers and DJs were just beginning to establish themselves, whilst many of the artists and DJs involved with the scene since its infancy had either become disillusioned with the music or were keeping a relatively low profile. Adam Beyer had just recently launched his Drumcode label, now one of the most popular outlets for club-based techno, but you would have significant difficulty highlighting other major developments during the same period.

Tortured has developed into one of the best British techno labels, and is hugely respected worldwide. The label seeks to champion new talent alongside already established global stars. Over seven years, the label has consistently released quality 12inches from artists including: Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Umek, Steve Rachmad, Gaetano Parisio, Thomas Krome, Marco Carola, Marco Bailey, The Advent, Space DJz, Bryan Zentz, Stanny Franssen, Joel Mull and Jel Ford. The labels releases have also been given the remix treatment by: Oliver Ho, Ben Sims and Dave Angel. Billy himself has produced releases for Tortured under the aliases: Barb Wired (with Richard 'Cherry Bomb' Brown), Pom-e-granite and Kamaflarge.

Profile courtesy of Tortured Records.

Records on Tortured Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 17 records
PAIN 003 The Gathering District 1 12"
PAIN 004 Sound Associates Power Cuts 12"
PAIN 005 Source EP The Previous 12"
PAIN 006 Shadow Boxing Alex Handley 12"
PAIN 007 Dependency Co-Habits 12"
PAIN 009 Mechanisms 1 Mumps 12"
PAIN 010 On Line EP Craig Walsh 12"
PAIN 017 Sudden Scene EP Various 12"
PAIN 021 Mechanisms 2 Mumps 2x12"
PAIN 023 Pain023 Gaetek 12"
PAIN 027 Bang 2 Rightz Space DJz 2x12"
PAIN 028 Grudge 2 Grudge 12"
PAIN 029 When It Has To Go Fast EP Stanny Franssen 12"
PAIN 030 But Wait ... There's More Jel Ford 12"
PAIN 035 Dark Funk Matters EP Cari Lekebusch 12"
PAIN 037 The Imperial Measurez EP Ben Long 12"
PAIN 038 Machine Drive Paul Mac 12"

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