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Carl Craig is a Detroit-based producer of techno music, and is considered to be one of the most important names in the Detroit second generation of techno producers and DJs. Carl Craig has approached techno using inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, including jazz and soul.

Carl Craig has released many successful albums under a large number of aliases, such as BFC, Psyche, Paperclip People, 69, Designer Music and Innerzone Orchestra. Using one alias, Innerzone Orchestra, he released perhaps his best-known track "Bug in The Bassbin" in 1992, a track that many regard as being a key influence in the then evolving sound of drum and bass.

Carl Craig has also created his own record label called "Planet E", which apart from his own work, has released records by well known techno and house artists like Kevin Saunderson, Alton Miller and Moodymann.

Craig served as artistic director for the widely successful Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2000 and 2001. His subsequent dismissal by festival organizers caused substantial controversy within the Detroit techno community, igniting a high-profile campaign in his favor. In 2003, Craig won a partial victory in a breach-of-contract lawsuit filed against festival producer Pop Culture Media.

Part of what makes Craig's style so unique and separates him from much of the normal "Detroit Techno" sound, including current works, are his remixes of world beat and jazz songs. This has helped spark a new movement of electronic music.



catno. title label released format
12ART 003 ART 3 Applied Rhythmic Technology 2006 12"
BLM 666 Simply Just A Ventage Blame America 2006 12"
KOOL T600 The Beginning Kool Kat Music 1990 12"
NEG 80T Science Fiction Blanco Y Negro 1995 12"
PE 65301-1 Vibes From The Tribe Planet E 2008 12"
RH 102CD The Album Formerly Known As... Rush Hour Recordings 2005 CD
UM 323 Sandstorm Umi 2006 12"
4766912 Re-Composed Deutsche Grammaphon 2008 CD
4766913 Re-Composed Deutsche Grammaphon 2008 2x12"
4766938 Recomposed Remixes Deutsche Grammaphon 2008 12"

catno. title label released format
LIFELINE 1042 Check It, Spread It Life Line 2008 12"
FIT014 Living Is Serious Business Fit 2016 12"
NWKT 006 Still Life Keeps Moving The Detroit Remixes Network Records 1990 12"
DJAX 160 Altered states Djax-up beats 1992 2x12"
NWKT 064 I Never Knew Love Network Records 1992 12"
PRMT 003CD Prime Cuts: Music For The New Electronic Generation - Volume 3 Primate Recordings 1995 12"
ORLP 028 Dj's Take Control Volume 3 On Records 1996 3x12"
12BONG 028 Useless Mute Records Ltd. 1997 12"
NOMU 122LP Mutant Throbbing Gristle Novamute 2004 2x12"
3ECD 043 Detroit Beatdown Remixes Third Ear Recordings 2005 CD
3EEP 038 Detroit Beatdown Remixes 1:2 Third Ear Recordings 2005 12"
SKINT 124 Kill 100 Skint Records 2006 12"
SYNCRO 001 Fallin Up Remixes Syncrophone 2007 2x12"
RUG 251T2 Like a child Domino Recordings 2007 12"
JUNO 01 In The Trees Juno Records 2007 12"
PE 65291-1 Till we meet again Planet E 2007 12"
SOUVENIR 006 Original Souvenir Music 2007 12"
VELVET 001 flash / explorer Velvet 2007 12"
DFAEMI 2182 Someone Great EMI 2007 2x12"
HJP 039 Kilokide Honest Jons 2007 12"
PE 65299-1 Stoned Autopilot Planet E 2008 12"
LIFELINE 1042 Check It, Spread It Life Line 2008 12"
LIFELINE 1042 Check It, Spread It Life Line 2008 12"
RINSECD023 Rinse:18 – Mixed By Mark Radford Rinse 2012 CD
FIT014 Living Is Serious Business Fit 2016 12"
SOMA500 SOMA500 Slam Remixes Soma Quality Recordings 2017 12"
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