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Appearing in the late 80's as radio DJ 'The Wizard' and the mastermind in 'The Final Cut', Jeff Mills took up the heritage of the 'Techno fathers' Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Derrick May, inaugurating the next sound generation of Detroit. Mills characterized the new Detroit sound like no one else; together with Mike Banks (and later also with Robert "The Vision" Hood) he founded Underground Resistance and brought the Detroit Techno sound of the early 90's into the clubs and onto turntables all over the world. Produced the 'X-101', 'X-102', and 'X-103' project series, released in Europe by Tresor Records under UR license.
Started own label, Axis Records in 1991. Founded his second label 'Purpose Maker' in 1996, the imprint providing "turntable-artists" the sounds needed for Techno dance floors. Whereas the Axis platform stressed experimental sounds, Purpose Maker provided rhythmically saturated and loop-oriented music built especially for DJ blending.
In 1999 the third label 'Tomorrow' was launched to introduce more futuristic and experimental directions.
In 2000 created sound track and re-edit of Fritz Lang’s silent film “Metropolis” (1926) and screened it around the world to eager audiences.

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