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Commercial Suicide

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Commercial Suicide

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CDs on Commercial Suicide
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 4 CDs
SUICIDECD010 Commercial Suicide: Compilation Various Artists CD
SUICIDECD014 The Draft Klute CD
SUICIDECD019 Swim LP - no restrictions Need For Mirrors CD
SUICIDECD020 Whatever It Takes [Benelux + USA sales only] Klute CD
Records on Commercial Suicide
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 21 records
SUICIDE 047 Head First / Animism SKC & Hydro & Munk 12"
SUICIDE083 You Won't Like It EP Klute 12"
SUICIDE084 Brain Feeder EP Nymfo 12"
SUICIDE085 Riot EP Digital & Response 12"
SUICIDE086 '206' LP sampler Quadrant / Kid Hops & Iris 12"
SUICIDE087 It's Not OK [hand stamped] Response 12"
SUICIDE089 Consciousness / From Creation Spirit 12"
SUICIDE090 Muzzle EP Dauntless 12"
SUICIDE092 The Test Flava & Digital 12"
SUICIDE093 Tell Me / Only U Response 12"
SUICIDE094 Malicious / Shifting Sands Hydro & War 12"
SUICIDE098 Take A Breath V.I.P [solid red vinyl] Klute 12"
SUICIDE099 Stomping Grounds [clear vinyl] Method One 12"
SUICIDE103 Curved Boundaries [silver vinyl] Seba 12"
SUICIDELP 007-2 The Emperor's New Clothes Klute 2x12"
SUICIDELP008 Music For Prophet [coloured vinyl / full colour sleeve] Klute 3x12"
SUICIDELP014 The Draft [coloured vinyl / full colour sleeve] Klute 2x12"
SUICIDELP016 New Found Dialect [full colour sleeve] The Invaderz 12"
SUICIDELP017 206 [full colour sleeve / incl. dl card] Quadrant / Kid Hops & Iris 2x12"
SUICIDELP018 Read Between The Lines [printed sleeve] Klute 3x12"
SUICIDELP020 Whatever It Takes [green vinyl / full colour sleeve / incl dl. code] Klute 12"

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