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label profile: DataBlender

Formed in 2005, DataBlender originated as a collective and a sound system with London as its main base of operation. In 2008, the collective expanded with the creation of an independent record label having as its objective to release new music by electronic music artists.

The label specializes in the publishing of 12" singles and EP compilations as well as digital albums in Wav/Mp3 format.

Their releases have strong inclinations towards the genres of Hardtechno, Industrial and Hardcore.

CD on DataBlender
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 1 CD
DTBCD 001 No Gods No Masters / + bonus mixed by Jason Little 2xCD
Records on DataBlender
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 8 records
DTB 001 Molecular Friendship EP Various Artists 12"
DTB 002 Numerological Politics EP FL-X / Flotek & Mario Kinle / Lexis 12"
DTB 003 Generation lost EP Rob Stalker / Richie Gee / Sam Silva / XhE 12"
DTB 004 Syntax Analyzer EP Various Artists 12"
DTB 005 Perestroyka Kids EP Michael Random / Dj Hammond 12"
DTB 006 Control The Little Man Jason Little 12"
DTB 007 No Problems EP Leo Laker 12"
DTB008 Derby Motivations EP Destruction Derby a.k.a. Hexor & Tommy Rockz / Dj Hammond 12"

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