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Deep, Dark & Dangerous

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Deep, Dark & Dangerous


Records on Deep, Dark & Dangerous
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 22 records
DDD003 Devils Game EP Truth 12"
DDD005 Hush Hush Taiko 12"
DDD016 Eclipse EP Sepia 12"
DDD021 Out There EP Distinct Motive 12"
DDD030 Dark Passenger EP Oxóssi 12"
DDD032 Fire Dance EP Abstrakt Sonance 12"
DDD036 Mushrooms EP Truth 12"
DDD038 No Air EP Mr.K 12"
DDD041 Too Much Tuna Pushloop 12"
DDD042 The General Lost 12"
DDD048 Radar EP Distinct Motive 12"
DDD050A Deep, Dark & Dangerous Trilogy pt 1: Deep [green vinyl] Various Artists 12"
DDD050B Deep, Dark & Dangerous Trilogy pt 2: Dark [blue vinyl] Various Artists 12"
DDD051 Butterfly Effect EP Khiva 12"
DDD060 Know Thyself Ternion Sound 12"
DDD065 The Haunting EP ColtCuts 12"
DDD073 Morbid Impulses EP Oxossi 12"
DDDLP001 Wilderness of Mirrors [Vinyl Special Edition] Truth 12"
DDDLP002 Shadow People Shadow People 12"
DDDLP4 Ishtar LP Abstrakt Sonance 12"
DDDWAKAAN The Unexpected EP Truth 12"
DDDXX Alien Technology [ltd. / incl. posters + stickers] Shlump 12"

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