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Electro Music Coalition

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Electro Music Coalition


Records on Electro Music Coalition
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 7 records
EMCV001 The Electro Kool-Aid Acid Test Various Artists 12"
EMCV002 Do Androids Dream Of Electro Sheep EP Various Artists 12"
EMCV003 Artificial Sources EP [silver & black mixed vinyl] Lectromagnetique 12"
EMCV004.1 Android Funk Solution #10 [A/B] Various Artists 12"
EMCV004.2 Android Funk Solution #10 [C/D] Various Artists 12"
EMCV005 Objects In Space EP Low Orbit Satellite 12"
EMCV006 The Difference Engine EP Information Ghetto / PQ17 12"

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