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Gost Zvuk

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Gost Zvuk


Records on Gost Zvuk
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 33 records
GAR001 Ecstatic Lullaby [full colour sleeve, 180 grams] Mikhail Chekalin 2x12"
GAR002 Health Resorts of the Caucasus [printed sleeve / 180 grams] Notchnoi Prospekt 2x12"
GIN001 What are you thinking about, little duck? Stanislav Tolkachev 10"
GIN002 Reka Vremeni Suokas 10"
GIN003 ADA Rodion Stankevich 10"
GIN004 Sierpinski Curve [Blue Vinyl & Red Vinyl] Kuzma Palkin 2x10"
GIN005 Instrument 005 Ivan Erofeev 10"
GIN006 INSTRUMENT №6 [clear vinyl / hand-stamped] Flaty 10"
GIN007 INSTRUMENT №7 [clear, black & transparent blue mixed vinyl / hand-stamped] Buttechno 10"
GIN009 Nocowalnya [solid silver vinyl] Nocow 10"
GIN010 SORM [hand-stamped / gold & purple mixed vinyl] OL 10"
GOST001 ГОСТ001 - 180 grams vinyl Aleksei Nikitin 12"
GOST002 ГОСТ002 - 180 grams vinyl AEM 'Rhythm-Cascade' 12"
GOST003 True White - 180 grams white vinyl OL 12"
GOST004 V Tiraj - 180 grams vinyl album Lapti 12"
GOST005 Yalta LP - 180grams [Black inner sleeve repress] Pavel Milyakov 12"
GOST005RP Yalta LP [180 grams / printed sleeve] Pavel Milyakov 12"
GOST006 Drugstore phones - 180grams vinyl - gatefold LP Piper Spray 2x12"
GOST006AB Drugstore phones [A/B] Piper Spray 12"
GOST006CD Drugstore phones [C/D] Piper Spray 12"
GOST006S Drugstore phones - 180grams vinyl - gatefold LP Piper Spray 2x12"
GOST007 Ledyanoy Album Nocow 2x12"
GOST008 AudioSAPR Kuzma Palkin 2x12"
GOST009 Height Difference LP OL 2x12"
GOST010 Collection Vtgnike 12"
GOST011 Litie [Full Colour Sleeve] AEM Rhythm-Cascade 2x12"
GOST012 Fences Of Metal [full colour sleeve] INFX 12"
GOST013 Gost Zvuk 5 Years [hand-stamped white labels / incl. poster] Various Artists 3x12"
GOST013RP Gost Zvuk 5 Years [white+blue+red vinyl / hand-stamped/ incl. poster] Various Artists 3x12"
GOST014 Filterealism [full colour sleeve] Gamayun 12"
GOST016 Brown White [stickered sleeve] Kassir 12"
NII001 New Suggestions Flaty 12"
RASSVET005-GOST015 PSY X [full colour sleeve] Buttechno 2x12"

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