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Herzblut Recordings

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Herzblut Recordings


label profile: Herzblut Recordings

Herzblut Recordings is the new label by multi-tasking producer hero: Stephan Bodzin known from his releases on Systematic, Datapunk & Gigolo...

The intention of Herzblut is all about the personal style of Stephan Bodzin, ranging from the electronic shades of housemusic and the contemporary neo trance vibes to state of the art quality techno vibes;

the true Stephan Bodzin-style.

CD on Herzblut Recordings
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 1 CD
HERZBLUT50.2 Powers Of Ten Stephan Bodzin CD
Records on Herzblut Recordings
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 18 records
HERZBLUT 001 Kerosene Stephan Bodzin 12"
HERZBLUT 002 Valentine Stephan Bodzin 12"
HERZBLUT 003 Puck Marc Romboy vs. Stephan Bodzin 12"
HERZBLUT 004 Liebe ist... Stephan Bodzin 12"
HERZBLUT 005 Liebe Ist... Album Stephan Bodzin 3x12"
HERZBLUT 006 Ariel / Mab Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy 12"
HERZBLUT 007 Brink Super Flu 12"
HERZBLUT 008 Deva Nicolas Masseyef 12"
HERZBLUT 009 Station 72 / Bremen-Ost Stephan Bodzin 12"
HERZBLUT 010 Zinnober / Mjoelk Super Flu 12"
HERZBLUT 011 Aorta Florian Meindl 12"
HERZBLUT 012-6 Ear To Mouth Hennon 12"
HERZBLUT 013-6 Maziratee Erphun 12"
HERZBLUT 014-6 Asymetrik Nicolas Masseyeff 12"
HERZBLUT 015-6 What's Next Ramon Tapia 12"
HERZBLUT 016-6 Puma Okay Superflu 12"
HERZBLUT 017-6 Modul8 Nicolas Masseyeff 12"
HERZBLUT50.3 Powers Of Ten Stephan Bodzin 3x12"

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