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Records on Horo
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 39 records
HORO009 Reaching The Source EP Indigo 12"
HOROEX10 Infernality [Marbled vinyl] Pact Infernal 2x12"
HOROEX10R Infernality [2x12" Coloured LP / 2019 Repress] Pact Infernal 2x12"
HOROEX11 Ourea I​ Ourea Sam KDC & Lemna 12"
HOROEX12 Feardom EP Sam KDC 12"
HOROEX13 Hooker DiNT 12"
HOROEX13R Hooker Remixed DiNT 12"
HOROEX14 Point Of Origin [Marbled Vinyl] ASC 12"
HOROEX15 Urge Theory [Marbled Vinyl] Lemna 12"
HOROEX16 Infinitum LP Von Grall 2x12"
HOROEX17 Astral Perception ASC 12"
HOROEX19 Body Sedation [Mini LP] Kwartz LP
HOROEX19MARBLED Body Sedation [Mini LP Marbled] Kwartz LP
HOROEX20 Forever Optimum [2 x 12" LP] Positive Centre 12"
HOROEX20LTD Forever Optimum [2 x 12" LP] Positive Centre 12"
HOROEX21 Ikari [incl. Headless Horseman Remix] Ontal 12"
HOROEX21LTD Ikari [incl. Headless Horseman Remix][silver vinyl] Ontal 12"
HOROEX22 A Shallow Ascetic Anfs 12"
HOROEX22LTD A Shallow Ascetic [Incl. Insert / EU Exclusive] Anfs 12"
HOROEX23 Black Sun Nastika 12"
HOROEX23LTD Black Sun [Incl. Insert / EU Exclusive] Nastika 12"
HOROEX24 Navagraha Ancestral Voices 3x12"
HOROEX25 Lack Of Skin [Coloured 12"] Body Unknown 12"
HOROEX26 Three Waves [Marbled Vinyl] Von Grall 12"
HOROEX26LTD Three Waves [Marbled Vinyl & Insert] Von Grall 12"
HOROEX27 Rift Antechamber 12"
HOROEX27LTD Rift [Marbled 12" w/ Numbered Insert & DL Card] Antechamber 12"
HOROEX28 Omen Rising [Coloured 2 x 12inch LP] Sam KDC 12"
HOROEX29 Retrocausality: A Posteriori Lemna 12"
HOROEX29LTD Retrocausality: A Posteriori - Limited Edition Lemna 12"
HOROEX3 Gloss Grebenstein 12"
HOROEX30LTD Retrocausality: A Priori Lemna 12"
HOROEX31 Zerfall EP [12" Splatter Vinyl] Vermisst 12"
HOROEX32 Forsaken EP [12" Splatter Vinyl] Tornado 12"
HOROEX4 Divided: Body [Marble 12" w/ Insert] ENA 12"
HOROEX6 Divination - Limited Edition Ancestral Voices 3x12"
HOROEX7 Vices - Marbled vinyl with insert Separation Anxiety 12"
HOROEX9 The Descent Chapter II Reincarnated Pact Infernal 12"
SMGHORO05R The Descent Chapter I [Coloured 12inch / 2019 Repress] Pact Infernal 12"

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