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One Seven Five

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One Seven Five


label profile: One Seven Five

Genosha One Seven Five is a sublabel to Genosha Recordings, one of the leading forces in forward-thinking hardcore. The Outside Agency's DJ Hidden & Eye-D have been expertly mixing up hardcore and drum & bass since 1996. Slowly but surely they have managed to vaporize all borders between the two genres, thereby making this sound completely their own. One Seven Five will serve as an outlet for The Outside Agency's drum & bass/hardcore crossover material, and future releases will feature collaborations with some of the top names in hard-edged drum & bass.

Records on One Seven Five
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 19 records
GEN175001 Surreal / Chaos Theory The Outside Agency 12"
GEN175002 Crossbreed Definition Series Part 1 The Outside Agency / SPL / Cooh 12"
GEN175002RP Crossbreed Definition Series Part 1 The Outside Agency / SPL / Cooh 12"
GEN175003 Crossbreed Definition Series Part 2 The Outside Agency / Counterstrike / Donny 12"
GEN175004 Crossbreed Definition Series Part 3 The Outside Agency / Current Value / Switch Technique 12"
GEN175005 Did / Exo Switch Technique 12"
GEN175006 Dark Energy / They Hunt Us Deathmachine 12"
GEN175007 Undermind / Pacifists The Outside Agency & Sei2ure 12"
GEN175007RP Undermind / Pacifists The Outside Agency & Sei2ure 12"
GEN175008 Favorite Sin / This Never Happened The Outside Agency 12"
GEN175009 Extermination / Point of Origin Deathmachine 12"
GEN175010 Now This Is Crossbreed Vol. 10 The Outside Agency 2x12"
GEN175011 Prepare To Die / Borrowed Time The Outside Agency 12"
GEN175012 Just Noise / My Design The Outside Agency & Deathmachine 12"
GEN175013 Bloed, Zweet & Snaren The Outside Agency & N-Vitral 12"
GEN175014 Cause An Effect The Outside Agency 12"
GEN175015 Today's Tomorrow / The Violence The Outside Agency & Deathmachine 12"
GEN175016 The Legacy of Cain / I Saw My Grave [black & gold mixed vinyl / incl. dl card] The Outside Agency 12"
GEN175017 The Opposites / More Primitive [smokey vinyl / label sleeve / incl. dl code] 12"

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