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The Outside Agency / Counterstrike / Donny - Crossbreed Definition Series Part 2

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Heavier then a ton of bricks and more destructive then Superman's super human strength... Its part 2 of the Crossbreed Definition Series! no 1 was allready a great succes and with this release they're doing it all over again.. this time Counterstrike & Donny have been invited to bring some crossover madness to the table.
For the A side the mighty Outside Agency joins forces with Counterstrike for "My Friends" some big time NL - South Africa connection is going on here as the Counterstrike sounds molds into the darkness of TOA.. They dont make em as hard as these anymore!
Then for the B side TOA teams up with Donny for "Among Us" If you ever had doubts about the hardcore & dnb crossover sound then this is the time to smack yourself for the head with a big wooden stick.. Cause this is will crush, destroy, pulverize and annihilate ANY dancefloor it touches.. On key, off key, whatever itll just smash your face in..

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 The Outside Agency & Counterstrike My Friends
B1 The Outside Agency & Donny Among Us
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