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Rwina Records

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Rwina Records


label profile: Rwina Records

Rwina Records is a new label out of Amsterdam distributed by Triple Vision and ST Holdings. In Moroccan, rwina means "never ending chaos", and not sticking to the script is exactly what the label is about: pushing the global bass music scene's boundaries further away from the center. Call it what you want in your own corner of the world, but there's a global music scene growing... and it's everything bass.

Records on Rwina Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 19 records
RWINA 001 Just A Million Starkey 12"
RWINA 002 Inside Job / Kingston Bridge Taz Buckfaster 12"
RWINA 003 Freeze Step Playdoe / Starkey 12"
RWINA 004 Half Man Half Trout / 20 Red Taz Buckfaster 12"
RWINA 005 Rain City / Beatingz Starkey 12"
RWINA 006 Humanoid EP Eprom 12"
RWINA 007 Goin Out EP SRC 12"
RWINA 008 My Vitamin Pillbox Nikes / The Love Noah D 12"
RWINA 009 Reinforced Terror Danjah 12"
RWINA010 Hyper Dimention Rachet 12"
RWINA011 Playground Swindle 12"
RWINA012 Suspiria EP Doshy 12"
RWINA013 Makowrap EP Desto 12"
RWINA014 Makin' Magic EP Krampfhaft 12"
RWINA015 Poison Flavored EP NastyNasty 12"
RWINA016 Neurotica EP Taz 12"
RWINA415 Pipe Dream EP Eprom 12"
RWINALP 001S1 t.b.c. 12"
ZENKA001 A Fine Day Unknown 12"

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