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Sonic Groove

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Sonic Groove


CDs on Sonic Groove
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
SGCD-01 Irreformable Adam X CD
SGXCD-01 Second System ADMX-71 2xCD
Records on Sonic Groove
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 20 records
SG1041-RE Cardiac Dysrhythmia EP - Re-Issue Ancient Methods vs. Adam X 12"
SG1256 Navigational Adam X 12"
SG1358 Sentience Timothy Alexander 12"
SG1359 Boundary Conditions Orphx 12"
SG1464 Crossing Bridges Northern Structures 12"
SG1465 The Galactic Clock Diagenetic Origin 12"
SG1466 Sacrifice Orphx 12"
SG1467 Nocturnal Realm Realmz 12"
SG1568 It's Some Men's Faith To Face Great Darkness Northern Structures 12"
SG1569 Metastability Max Durante 12"
SG1570 In Pursuit Of Myself Henning Baer 12"
SG1571 Golden Age EP Diagenetic Origin 12"
SG1672 Running Out Of Time Monolith 12"
SG1673 Transition Codes Unc 12"
SG1674 Insurrection Of Inequity Max Durante 12"
SG1675 Bedeviled EP Adam X 12"
SG1777 Chemicals / Wrong Planet Fixmer & McCarthy 12"
SGLP-01 Irreformable Adam X 2x12"
SGLP-02 Pitch Black Mirror Orphx 2x12"
SOG 0835 Excerpts From The St Adam X 12"

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