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Techhead Recordings

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Techhead Recordings

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label profile: Techhead Recordings

TechHead Recordings is a techno record label based in Greece.

The company was formed on January 2004 by John Karagiannis and the executives are people that live and breathe techno music and have a lot of experience in the music industry.

Our vision is to create a techno record label which will be established in the international dance music industry by capturing and representing the new trends of the techno scene.

Our aim is to release quality, dancefloor based and fresh sounding techno music that will hopefully find its way to djs and clubbers around the world!

Our music is a mix and match of melodies, electro elements, funky beats and fat bass lines always energetic and suitable to hit the dancefloors worldwide.

We believe that the future of electronic music is in the hands of new producers. We also know that there are a lot of talented and upcoming artists out there who have amazing productions so in our records we combine them with the �cr�me de la cr�me� people of the scene including names such as Marco Lenzi, Eric Sneo, Cave, Olivier Giacomotto, DJ Preach, Spiros Kaloumenos, Stephane Signore, Bando and many more.

Our records are distributed worldwide and also you can find them digitally.

TechHead Recordings is heavily supported by many artists internationally.

Records on Techhead Recordings
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 15 records
TCH 003 Rockin Dancefloor E.P Baltazar & JackRock 12"
TECHHEAD 004 Mista zeta una UFO Olivier Giacomotto 12"
TECHHEAD 005 Follow the white line Bathazar & JackRock 12"
TECHHEAD 006 Mastering The Hype Ep Various Artists 12"
TECHHEAD 007 Barrel of a gun Odessa Soundfreaks 12"
TECHHEAD 008 My World Dj Preach 12"
TECHHEAD 009 Rise & Shine Axel karakasis / Sun40 / Vortechtral / Dj Mary 12"
TECHHEAD 010 Uber Hinaus Mythos Gabriel Ben 12"
TECHHEAD 011 Flying The Path Axel karakasis 12"
TECHHEAD 012 Kidnapping Situation John Karagiannis & PayLipService / A.Paul / Dj Link 12"
TECHHEAD 013 Motley EP A.Paul 12"
TECHHEAD 014 Shortcut EP Spiros Kaloumenos 12"
TECHHEAD 015 Strictly Private EP John Karagiannis & PayLipService 12"
TECHHEADCL 001 Techhead Classics Remixed Various Artists 12"
TECHHEADRMX 001 Techhead Redmixes Balthazar & JackRock 12"

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