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Maik Richter / Grg - Leidenschaft EP

Recording info

Already played & supported by Laurent Garnier, Patrik Skoog, Marko Nastic, Jamie Behan, Patrick Lindsey, Martin Landsky, Ramon Tapia,

Orbis X is a sublabel of Orbis Records and will be mainly focusing on softer yet often usable as DJ material for the broader mass interested in Electronic music. This sublabel is an extension of Orbis Records' softer, more melodical and experimental side. Music will be ranging from house, dub, chicago over melodic acid and even breaks. Not any track makes it to this sublabel if it can't stand on its own and stand the test of time!

Maik Richter was born 02.02.1987 in Karl-Marx-Stadt / Chemnitz / Germany. He lives in Switzerland since 6 years.
In 2005 Maik Richter gets his first appearances as Live-Act... Professional Music Production is the order of Maik R. The project is going to professional song composition but in which live performance will remain further a component. The sound of Maik R budges to minimalistical domains - the contrary to beginning of its musical representation. Gentleless and deep pressure sounds are significant for Maik's musical interpretation - the music should be stimulating you for dreaming. For new inspirations Maik R. leaves himself by other artists and external influences [e.g. society, nature] to enrich.

Known from his debut on Orbis Records, Grg is back with his typical warm & analog sound, we appreciate very much!
Born and raised in the GDR, today East Germany, Grg started making music in '94 using analog Equipment.
early 1995, he already played live-sets with 2 friends as Ensemble Acid Paul and later as "grg" on his own. He released on TeKknik Experimental and EAP records.
Still producing with the amazing MPC3k, he never focused on one single Genre. "it's just Electronic Music" he told us. A modest guy.

This EP contains a full side of each Artist.
The A-Side, by Maik, shows you how beautiful and wide dub can be. If you're fan of dreamy dub, you'll love this for sure!
The B-side is a melodic beauty. No words needed. Grg pur sang!
"Leidenschaft" is very dreamy soundscape based on smooth dub rhythm. Gentle, Subtle. Amazing. An ideal track to open or close the dancefloor. A secret weapon for laid-back moments with friends and a good glass of red wine.
"Klangbaum" feels like a statement. Deep, Dark, Swiss dub. Great stuff if you like the deeper side of dubby tracks.
On the B-side, "Chroma": a track that starts as a very basic yet surprising arrangement evolves in a very clean and sharp gentle melodic danceable track. Works on the floor as well in the background having dinner with openminded and electronic enthusiastic friends.
The second track "Fuer Pe Mi" could be categorized under trance, but it isn't. It's just an amazing track full of warm feelings. A track Grg wrote to celebrate the love between his and his wife. We're very honored he's willing to share this track with the rest of the world. Big respect.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • ASGORX001
  • Label:
  • Orbis records
  • Format:
  • 12"
  • Title:
  • Leidenschaft EP
  • Artists:
  • Maik Richter / Grg
  • Style:
  • Techno
  • Country:
  • Belgium
  • Released:
  • 17th of June 2016


pos artists title
A1 Maik Richter Leidenschaft
A2 Maik Richter Klangbaum
B1 Grg Chroma
B2 Grg Fuer Pe Mi
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