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Orbis records

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Orbis records


label profile: Orbis records

Orbis records, runned by Mr. Mau, is one of those few Belgian underground labels you have to follow if you're a fan of deep techno music. Orbis Records provides dark, deep and stripped down hypnotic techno, as wide as the box can get and that box is very

Records on Orbis records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 14 records
ASGOR005 Alphawaves EP Alpha303 / Jeroen Search 12"
ASGOR006 Grey Lines EP Ozka 12"
ASGOR007 The Void EP Alpha303 12"
ASGOR008 Sub Space EP Binny 12"
ASGOR009 Black Lion EP Mr. Mau 12"
ASGOR010 No Surrender EP Binny 12"
ASGOR011 Eleven EP Mike Storm / Grg 12"
ASGOR012 Explorer EP Binny 12"
ASGOR013 E121 EP Mslwte 12"
ASGOR014 Resistance EP Binny / Lee Holman 12"
ASGOR015 In Plane Sight EP Doug Cooney 12"
ASGORX001 Leidenschaft EP Maik Richter / Grg 12"
ASGORX002 The Roots EP Moda 12"
ASGORX003 Thoughts EP D&S 12"

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