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Goncalo M / Giacomo Stallone / Roman Zawodny / MGMX - Los Embajadores EP

Recording info

Beatform records are proud to present the 3th one in their series! The labelowner got a lot of fresh demo's and decided to make a various artist EP out of it called Los Embajadores EP.

Brand new funky techno tracks by the hottest artists in the scene.

A1 - Goncalo M with his brand new Submissions EP hot on the shelfs comes with 'Life is a crazy thing'. A funky bassline driven dancefloor anthem. big big big..

A2 - Giaomo Stallone, one of the Special Series favourites now on Beatform. High energy combined with the FUNK.

B1 - Roman Zawodny: For the serious crew. banging stuff for the masses!!

B2 - MGMX straight out of Belgium comes this wicked producer with a fresh take on modern techno music.

BEATFORM RECORDS are very proud to present this awesome relese for a quality listener!
If you miss it, you could be sorry at the end! You want it??? Take it!!!

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 Goncalo M Life Is A Crazy Thing
A2 Giacomo Stallone Sky Grooves
B1 Roman Zawodny Stop The Panic
B2 MGMX Techno Army
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