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label profile: Beatform

BEATFORM (Funky, tribal, driving techno label) has been created and formed in spring 2009
by TiBe / Tilen from Ljubljana, Slovenia. First there was only a dream and a wish came
second. In the end the decision has been pulled out, to do something different and better
for the sake of true techno spirit. Beatform records came out of nowhere willing to serve
something new, but still groove; something we all know, but still unique and special;
something we all love; and something we are all doing from time to time: BEAT FORMING!!
Creating beats in our heads while dancing; creating beats while listening to those back sounds; creating beats for me and you! Creating beats for everyone! Beatform isn't just a label,
Beatform records is something else as well. The unique brand is the word, which describes us completely. Always serving something else for your ears and body.
Nothing will be done by the same step two times in a row. Statement we are all following:
Our EPs are just like a music puzzle. When you put those small pieces of the puzzle together,
you get the sensible picture of what we are doing.
Beatform made us proud and we won't let
anyone destroy our creativity, hard work and investment for a better tomorrow.

Records on Beatform
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 3 records
BEATFORM 001 Here We Come Various Artists 12"
BEATFORM 002 Born 2 Bang EP Odessa Soundfreaks / Fer BR / Peppelino / Wyrus & Matija Marinic 12"
BEATFORM 003 Los Embajadores EP Goncalo M / Giacomo Stallone / Roman Zawodny / MGMX 12"

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