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Hellfish / The Dj Producer / Matt Green / Bryan Fury - Theme From Fuck Daddy Remixes

Recording info

We are proud to finally present to you: The original concept brought to life by Hellfish & Producer way back in 2001 has received a 4 way upgrade from 4 of the UKs top hardcore artists... Hellfish / Producer / Matt Green / Bryan Fury.
The EP kicks off with Hellfish's ode to Tarzan - 'Jungle Daddy', heavy beatz, clean production, rolling grooves, sliced together with the uniquely humourous hardcore hellfish style. Next up on the range is The DJ Producers 'Producers Daddy Got a Bit Too Fucked Mix'.. OMG, Its not known just where this sickness came from, maybe from one of his fans on a drug babbling ear spitting mission,
or possibly memories of 5th day festival survival techniques, however the inspiration for this track come about, you can be assured that a messy story was involved. The DJ Producer has perfectly harnest this previously untapped font of brain dissrupting maerial and refocused its energy into the form of his Fuck Daddy Rmx. . .amazing Side B sees Matt Green enter the fray, after spending the last 5 years beating up enoying teenagers in dubstep clubs across London, Matt Green has taken it out on Deathchant. Written with blood. Teethmarks and pubes still fresh on his knuckles, this dark 155bpm ginger killing grinder sets the seen for the final track...
BRYAN FURYS 'Daddys Fury'.. This remix is sensory breakcore weaponry at its best. Brought to you directly from the lord of doom, its 200 bpm trip into the spyche of the criminally insane, skin scraping breaks and kicks firing off in formerly impossible directions, All happening from what sounds like he's kicked your face in and locked you in a freezer. Order as many copies as you can. Pre-orders are going fast already!

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 Hellfish Fuck Daddy (Hellfish Jungle Daddy remix)
A2 The Dj Producer Fuck Daddy (Producers Daddy Got A Bit 2 Fucked remix)
B1 Matt Green Fuck Daddy (Matt Green remix)
B2 Bryan Fury Fuck Daddy (Bryan Fury's Daddy's Fury remix)
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