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Fanon Flowers - Hunt Patterns

Recording info

Mechanisms Industries re-emerges from the Tape Studio to welcome the return of Fanon Flowers with 3 tracks of pure dark, gritty modern Techno. Lots of mechanical sequences for maximum peak time dance floor performance.

Mission Statement:
In the Tape Studio, one of the most essential processes is the combination of one sound with another, or with many others to produce a new, composite sound. This process known as additive synthesis, is made possible from a digital and analog source. This process can have two results: (1) a single, more complex output in which the various input signals have lost their individual identities while creating a new sound (more or less analogous to the blending of colors); or (2) a texture with various individual components occurring simultaneously but distinctively. Since 1996, the Mechanisms Industries Tape Studio has been guided by composer Fanon Flowers and several anonymous associates

Release Info


pos title
A1 Hunt Pattern 1
A2 Hunt Pattern 2
B1 Hunt Pattern 3
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