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Mechanisms Industries

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Mechanisms Industries


label profile: Mechanisms Industries

A journey through the Midwest industrial corridor of the United States sends an overwhelming impression: steel mills, oil companies, and chemical plants. Industrial pollution, the toxic legacy of the United States obsession with massive chemical and mettallurgical factories, is believed to be one of the biggest reasons for the rising levels of disease and contamination. Greatest concerns include contaminated sediments, water pollution from illegal connections to storm sewers, loss of fish and wildlife. Clearly the air is getting worse. There are several kinds of elements in the environment and living conditions are often uncontrolled and unsafe. Human defects could be a result of pollution poisoning from the chemicals and heavy metals contained in pollution from factories. Industries are using very old and worn-out equipment and health officials are worried that citizens living in industrial areas could be inflicted with permanent damage to their gene pool.

Since 1996, Mechanisms Industries has been conducting tests for aural harmonic stimulation of harmonic impulses in global industrial locations. In the tape studio, one of the most essential processes is the combination of one sound with another, or with many others to produce a new, composite sound. This process known as additive synthesis, is made possible from a digital or analog source. This process can have two results: (1) a single, more complex output in which the various input signals have lost their individual identities while creating a new sound (more or less analogous to the blending of colors); or (2) a texture with various individual components occurring simultaneously but distinctively.

The Mechanisms Industries Tape Studio is guided by composer Fanon Flowers.

Records on Mechanisms Industries
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 8 records
M1978R Subtle Changes Obscurum 12"
M1989 The Dom Remakes Obscurum 12"
M1990 Antikythera Mechanism Mechanisms Industries 12"
M1991 Antikythera Mechanism Remixes Mechanisms Industries 12"
M1992 In my Brane Moerbeck 12"
M1993 Hunt Patterns Fanon Flowers 12"
M1994X001 Track Modes 4 Fanon Flowers 12"
M1995X002 Hunt Patterns 2 [Solid White Vinyl] Fanon Flowers 12"

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