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Delete - Muscovite

Recording info

What is modern Russia?
An infinite space filled with skyscrapers made of gas and oil, golden crosses on church domes made
of titanium, thousands of multi-floor beehives with millions of concrete honeycombs, where the fate of
tired people burn out every evening.
Sensitive and subtle stirrings of the mind, persistently pushing up towards the light through the bootstrampled
dirt, and blackened by ignorance.
An infinite space of a centuries old experiment of power over man, and man over power on its way
from nowhere to nowhere.
On the 28th of August, Mindtrick Records will release the new album Muscovite from Russian
mysterious electronic music producer Delete. His previous full length album Predatory Things of a
minute already dates back to 2012. After the album he released two more EP`s on the label and
released his controversial music video called "A Letter to God" about the war in Chechnya, which
gained more than half a million hits on Youtube.
In 2014 Delete all of a sudden stopped making music to pursue other endeavors.
But despite the creative break, a new album continued to develop in the somewhat same style as it`s
predecessor. Musically, Muscovite is built on a "rusty" sound of discordant melodies, sealed with
"underwater" bass and beats accompanied by a dozen voices of different characters.
Each track has its own voice and story on the album: a mad Muscovite tsar ( I am Muscovite ), an
American pop-metal diva and the choir of Russian Orthodox Church ( Out of Memory ),
A television anchor for videogames telecast series and a Russian soldier on the ruins of Grozny town
( 90s Childhood ), a Medieval Tatar princess ( Suyumbike ) and a young student girl from Moscow
tortured by a maniac ten years ago ( Deaf Windows ).
Muscovite also brings a solid guest vocal appearance as the album features Russian hip-hop artist
M, who laid his reassuring words over the track White Transparent .
The album is complemented with 4 remixes by some great producers which all individually shared
their vision on the album.
VVV from Texas which also made a remix for Delete`s previous album is back with his take on the
track Out Of Memory .
Also Moscow/Berlin based beat n bass mastermind Ghostek added his view on the track Out Of
Memory .
AL-90 which is a producer where little is known about from Russia also added some unique bass
flavors and firmly establishes his name on the track Call Me .
But the remix of one of the godfathers of the true-dubstep scene really makes the ground shake.
None other than DJ Distance remixed the track Deaf Windows into a killer dark warehouse track.
It s hard to tell whether listeners which do not speak Russian will get the entire album or the albums
message. But the music on Muscovite speaks for itself and transcends any language.
After all, this album is dedicated to all the people which the "Russian World" is made of.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • MTR024CD
  • Label:
  • Mindtrick Records
  • Format:
  • CD
  • Title:
  • Muscovite
  • Artist:
  • Delete
  • Style:
  • Electronic
  • Country:
  • Netherlands
  • Released:
  • 1st of September 2017


pos title
01 I Am Muscovite
02 Your Tolerance (Won't Save You)
03 Out Of Memory
04 Deaf Windows (Anya)
05 90s Childhood
06 White Transparent Feat. M
07 Call Me
08 Suyumbike
09 Five-Storey Russia
10 Deaf Windows (Anya) ( remix Distance )
11 Out Of Memory ( remix Ghostek )
12 Out Of Memory ( remix VVV )
13 Call Me ( remix AL 90 )
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