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Mindtrick Records

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Mindtrick Records (Netherlands)


CDs on Mindtrick Records
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 10 CDs
MTR009CD Filthy Pleasures Charly Linch CD
MTR017 Hardened Soul L own CD
MTR020CD Fragmented Nour Fawzi CD
MTR021CD Nyctophobia The Travel CD
MTR022CD Frequencies OF The Mind III CD
MTR12CD Predatory Things Of A Minute Delete CD
MTR13 1mk2 Tangent CD
MTR14CD Frequencies Of The Mind 2 CD
MTR16CD Embracing the Unknown Atiq Enk CD
TA075 Fear Of The Unknown Atiq Enk CD
Records on Mindtrick Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 11 records
MTR 1 State Of Mind EP Various Artists 12"
MTR 2 Who Broke My Beats? Tour EP Various Artists 12"
MTR 3 A Blade In The Dark EP The Eerier Child 12"
MTR 5 Borderline / Crackdown Sinister Souls 12"
MTR 666 Diabolical Deformer 12"
MTR018 Saviour EP L own 12"
MTR019 Fragmented Nour Fawzi 2x12"
MTR10 Six Steps EP Semiomime 12"
MTR11 Predatory Things Of A Minute - Incl. full CD Album Delete 12"
MTR15 Fear Of The Unknown Atiq & Enk 2x12"
MTR8 PitchBlack EP Mobthrow 12"

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