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Tangent - 1mk2

Recording info

Tangent is an electronic music project which combines electronics with acoustic instruments in a highly contrasting manner.

The debut album '1 mk 2' has just been finished and Tangent is proud to release this on Mindtrick records.

'1 mk 2' is inspired by the birth of our universe with all its violence and beauty.

The music takes the audience on a journey through sonic fields that never seem to end. Matter is formed and collapsed at the same time, while a new universe is created on the ashes of a previous one, like '1 mk 2' is based upon Tangent's promo '1'.

Always searching for the best quality of music, Tangent constantly pushes the boundaries of sound and music. Tangent is still finding new and creative ways of working with sound within the field of electronic music.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • MTR13
  • Label:
  • Mindtrick Records
  • Format:
  • CD
  • Title:
  • 1mk2
  • Artist:
  • Tangent
  • Style:
  • Electronic
  • Country:
  • Netherlands
  • Released:
  • 18th of February 2013


pos title
01 Void
02 Flux
03 Vortex
04 Light Of Life
05 Antimatter
06 Collision
07 Infinite End
08 Rebirth
09 Friction
10 Birth
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