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Dogs on Crack vs. Katz on K remix The Panacea / Current Value - Ruin The Dark RMXs

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The Panacea and Current Value will need no introduction to the scene as their names have been a sign of quality for many years now.
With great admiration for their past works Subsistenz and Subdivision are proud to have these two heavy weights pushing the boundaries of dnb and techno with their RMXs of DvKs Attack and Ruin The Dark.

The Panacea takes on the challenge of remixing Dvks most played track to date ATTACK and does not fail to deliver in any way. As we have come to expect from one of dnbs most innovative producers he takes down all the boundaries and creates a rework that will destroy any dnb,techno,core floor. Huge stabs and alarms build and drive the track paving the way for the concrete beats to grind ya feet into submission. Another class output from Position Chromes head honcho and master The Panacea.

Ruin the Dark is a track that has crossed over already between dnb and techno with support from many of the offkey crew and many hard techno djs around the globe. So it needed to have a producer that knows techno and dnb like the back of his hand. So there was only going to be one tech head that could do this track justice the mighty Current Value. Known for his hard clanging beats in dnb and his techno live pas at the legendary Tresor Club in Berlin CV puts his knowledge of both scenes to the test and creates a kick driven monster that is not to be reckoned with. Tight production as usual leaves space for the filtered loops to drift in and out over a bass that feeds your head body and boots. Once again Current Value shows he can manipulate and morph his styles and ideas to a devastating effect.

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  • End of Life


pos title
A1 Attack ( remix The Panacea )
B1 Ruin The Dark ( remix Current Value )
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