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CDs on Subsistenz
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 5 CDs
SUBSCD 001 Back To The Machine Current Value 2xCD
SUBSCD002 Fractured State The Sect 2xCD
SUBSCD003 Under The Sun Machine Code CD
SUBSCD004 Stay On This Planet Current Value CD
SUBSCD005 Velocity Machine Code CD
Records on Subsistenz
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 18 records
SUBS 001 Aural Exciter The Remixes Glenn Wilson & Mike Humphries 12"
SUBS 002 Kings Of The Warehouse The Dying Punks a.k.a. Raiden & Rodell 2x12"
SUBS 003 The Basketball Heroes Remixes Woody mc Bride remix Raiden remix Cooh 12"
SUBS 004 Hydraulix 9 RMXS D.A.V.E. the Drummer remix Proket remix Propaganda 12"
SUBS 005 Ruin The Dark RMXs Dogs on Crack vs. Katz on K remix The Panacea / Current Value 12"
SUBS 006 Off The Leash / Once Bitten Twice Shy Dogs on Crack & Katz on K vs. Cooh 12"
SUBS 007 Logic Gate Machine Code a.k.a. Current Value & Dean Rodell 12"
SUBS 008 Back To The Machine Sampler Current Value 12"
SUBS009 Polar Position / Northern Lights Current Value / Machine Code 12"
SUBS010 Galaxies / Specific Functions Current Value / Dean Rodell 12"
SUBS011 Split Machine Prt 2 Current Value / Dean Rodell 12"
SUBS012 Natural Selection Prt 2 Current Value & Cooh 12"
SUBS013 Under The Sun - incl. Full Album CD - Limited edition RED&BLACK mixed vinyl Machine Code 2x10"
SUBS014 Stay On This Planet - Incl. full CD Album Current Value 12"
SUBS015 Velocity - Album Sampler Machine Code 12"
SUBS10.001 Dance Of The Mech / Neutrino Machine Code / Current Value 10"
SUBS10.002 Prism / Delirium Current Value 10"
SUBSLP 001 Back To The Machine Current Value 5x12"

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