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Various Artists - Syndrome Down CD

Recording info

Syndrome Audio proudly presents the "Syndrome Down LP". A sublime compilation descending in the world's freshest Future Funk. The LP opens up with a monstrous anthem crafted by Axiom. "Air Raid" is a crystal clear dancefloor destroyer with a vocal theme that haunts you straight away. Bulletproof takes things to a higher level with a futuristic crawler named "1000ft & Rising". The next plate features Dose. A gifted producer who delivers "Eye To Eye", which is a huge floor filler with crisp drums and a razor sharp bassline you can't hide from. On the flip Catacomb does it again! Serving the finest funk around with a track entitled "Foul Matter". A running bomb already causing serious damage all over the globe. "Evil Genius" is a Neuro all the way. Tight drums and evil mids that have funk written all over it. Rounding off the LP is "Blue Screen". Dark deep future funk heading from the Subtone studios. Together with the LP Syndrome Audio presents the "Syndrome Down CD". CD 1 is unmixed and features all tracks of the LP and a selection of Syndrome Audio's finest released tracks. Including Noisia & Phace "Outsource Misanthrop rmx", Phace "Crocker", Phace & N.phect "Cavity", Dose "Fear Feeder" and more filthy futurism. CD 2 is sublime mix CD mixed by rising funk star Axiom. The mix is compiled by Axiom himself and features exclusive tracks such as Mindscape "No Escape (Noisia rmx)", Bulletpoof "Made In Detroit", Catacomb "Arms In Reach", Quadrant "Only Mortal" and a bunch of exclusive forthcoming Syndrome Audio bits. All this make the "Syndrome Down LP / CD" an outstanding compilation showcasing the huge variety of artists and styles in today's Neurofunk.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • Label:
  • Syndrome Audio
  • Format:
  • 2xCD
  • Title:
  • Syndrome Down CD
  • Artist:
  • Various Artists
  • Style:
  • Drum n Bass
  • Country:
  • Netherlands
  • Released:
  • 12th of November 2007
  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
1-01 Phace & N.Phect Cavity
1-02 Phace Crocker
1-03 Catacomb The Zodiac
1-04 Dose Eye to Eye
1-05 Noisia & Phace Outsource ( remix Misanthrop )
1-06 Catacomb Doom Riders
1-07 N.Phect & Dizplay & Subtone & Generic Outpace
1-08 Subtone Blue Screen
1-09 Dose Fear Feeder
1-10 Bulletproof 1000 Ft & Rising
1-11 Catacomb Foul Matter
1-12 Psidream Evil Genius
1-13 Axiom Air Raid
2-01 Axiom Air Raid
2-02 N.Phect & Dizplay Campaign
2-03 Dose Eye to Eye
2-04 Phace Crocker
2-05 Axiom Cyberia
2-06 Subtone Blue Screen
2-07 Quadrant & Cease Rage & Rapture
2-08 Catacomb Foul Matter
2-09 Quadrant & D Star Hell Can Wait
2-10 Bulletproof Made In Detroit
2-11 Dose Fear Feeder
2-12 Noisia & Phace Outsource ( remix Misanthrop )
2-13 Bulletproof Funkthief
2-14 N.Phect & Dizplay & Generic & Subtone Outpace
2-15 Mindscape No Escape (Noisia Remix) ( remix Noisia )
2-16 Bulletproof 1000ft & Rising
2-17 Quadrant Only Mortal
2-18 Catacomb Doom Riders
2-19 Psidream Roadrage 2007
2-20 Catacomb Rise From Ruin
2-21 Catacomb Arms In Reach
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