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Denis Kaznacheev - Cheerful Gait To The Wicked Witch

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Russia's Denis Kaznacheev continues his explorations into warped minimal techno with his latest release on the burgeoning Wrong State Recordings.

Cheerful Gait To The Wicked Witch is an immersive 14+ minute journey into his scientist-like mind, bubbling away unhurriedly like a slow-cooking lab experiment. From the metallic sounds of the intro, we build through wooden snares and mystifying bass tones, the percussive energy building gradually in layers. Abstract sounds fly in and out of the mix at will, the patient listener rewarded as the track unfolds and plunges in different directions.

Greece's Kreon provides a throbbing, bouncing remix, with subby thumps and muted tinges of haunting piano working at opposite ends of the scale. Snappy percussion licks away at this undulating, murky rhythm, and the overall effect is like tech house stripped down to its very barest bones.

Release Info


pos title
A1 Cheerful Gait To The Wicked Witch
B1 Cheerful Gait To The Wicked Witch ( remix Kreon )
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