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Wrong State Recordings

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Wrong State Recordings


label profile: Wrong State Recordings

Wrong State Recordings was founded in the north-east of Spain's city Barcelona in 2012 primarily as a reaction to the realities of fast emerging new trends and ideas within the music industry.
deep house and deep tech.

Records on Wrong State Recordings
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 13 records
WS001 My Friend Joseph Swaab 12"
WS003 Its Clubbering Time EP Horatio & Bvaltik 12"
WS004 Amaro EP Larry Peters 12"
WS006 Human EP Jay Bliss & Mihai Popoviciu & Pagal 12"
WS008 Retlav EP Giacomo Greppi & Ocu 12"
WS009 Forceps EP Maris 12"
WS010 Camacho EP Alexkid & Alejandro Vivanco 12"
WS011 Kazak EP Swaab / Marcman / Denis Kaznacheev 12"
WS012 Cheerful Gait To The Wicked Witch Denis Kaznacheev 12"
WS013 Fracking EP Lukas Simmer 12"
WS014 The Priest EP Gus & Bonso 12"
WSPACK001 Wrong State 001 / 003 / 004 Various Artists 3x12"
WSPACK002 Wrong State 009 / 011 / 012 Various Artists 3x12"

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