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Techno & House - Full Releaselist - week #36

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Triple Vision| top

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Releases // Triple Vision| top

id label artist |  tracks title |  track artists catalog format EUR
1. Amigos Recordings
Dj Link & Pepo remix Aitor Ronda & Fer BR

A1 Killer Instinct Original
A2 Killer Instinct
B1 Good Roll Original
B2 Good Roll

Amigos has been gathering the finest tec...
Nono EP

remix Fer BR

remix Aitor Ronda

AMIGOS 009 12"  
2. C Series

A1 Velvet
B1 Intergalactic

A great Techno classic ge...
Velvet / Intergalactic

CSERIES 007 12"  
3. Globox
Sasha Carassi

A1 Paranoid
B1 Mechanism
B2 Drama

Sasha Carassi is come back on his first ...
Paranoid Mechanism

GLOBOX 016 12"  
4. M_Rec LTD

A1 Slowdown
A2 Basterd
B1 Backwards
B2 Forwards

Charlton Ravenberg is the dutch artist w...
Slow Down Basterd EP

M_REC LTD 04 12"  
5. Night Light Records
Marko Nastic

A1 Dreams
A2 Dreams
B1 Tres Esquinas
B2 Tres Esquinas

Do you have a dream? Well, it might just...

remix Sinisa Tamamovic

remix Mladen Tomic

NL 005 12"  
6. P Series
Raul Mezcolanza

A1 Olele
B1 Again
B2 North Africa

P HOT stands for hot sexy techno for the...

P HOT 006 12"  
7. Patterns
David Moleon

A1 Savage
A2 Warning
B1 Tranki
B2 No Way

Patterns is building steadily on its alr...

PATRN 059 12"  
8. Planet Rhythm
Luky R.D.U / A.Paul / Exium

A1 Mi Dia Libre
A2 Mirage
B1 Machine Language
B2 Awake

Back after a well deserved holiday the P...
Planet Rhythm 74

Luky R.D.U

PRRUK 074 12"  
9. Contempt Music Productions
Dj Hammond & Orman Bitch

A1 New Kind Of Music
A2 Tears Of Sadness
B1 Rip Your Flesh
B2 Trauma

Contempt-Music-Prodution presents the ne...
New Kind Of Music EP

Orman Bitch
Orman Bitch remix Royal Ash
Dj Hammond
Dj Hammond

CMP 004HT 12"  
10. Mental Torments Records
O.B.I. / DJ Ogi / Marcio M. / DJ Emme

A1 Exactly What You Need
A2 Jesen
B1 Pamonha 2009
B2 Scarface

Mike Drama plans only the true killers f...
Exactly What You Need

DJ Ogi
Marcio M.
DJ Emme

MTR 009 12"  
11. Dirty Planet
Marco Bernardi / Exium

A1 I feel the lies
A2 Giro
B1 Msry
B2 Giro

Marco Bernardi marks his second outing o...
Ist das

Marco Bernardi feat. Keith Tucker
Marco Bernardi remix Exium
Marco Bernardi
Marco Bernardi

DP003 12"  
12. Focus Records
Spiriakos & Steen

A1 Detuning
A2 Detuning
B1 Groove Tork
B2 Groove Tork

Focus presents the next huge release !!<...
Detuning Ep

remix A.Paul

remix Spiros Kaloumenos

FOCUS 003 12"  
13. New Rhythmic

A1 Loud Flash
A2 Unexpected Suspects
B1 Body Sensations
B2 Quarantine

Great new release by New Rhythmic labelo...
Newrhythmic 10

NR 010 12"  
14. Subcult Techno
Various Artists

A1 Party Smart
A2 Caminar Klometros
B1 Honkytonk
B2 Cuba

Another epic 4-track release on the high...
Various artists EP 8

Alejandro Roman
Chris Dynasty

SUBCULT 012EP8 12"  
15. Undershape Records
David Moleon / Goncalo M / Giacomo Stallone / Dj Link

A1 Lalala
A2 Sourcing Group
B1 Pornstar
B2 Jarda

Second release by the Spanish Undershape...
Pornstar EP

David Moleon
Goncalo M
Giacomo Stallone
Dj Link

UNDER 002 12"  
16. Attic Music
Donato Dozzy & DJ Say

A1 Your Eyes
B1 Transparent

Played and Supported by: Richie Hawtin,T...
Your Eyes / Transparent

AM 006 12"  
17. MKT
Luigi Madonna

A1 Tropical Banana
B1 Bacon burger
B2 One Day

Luigi Madonna This July sees Markantonio...
Tropical Banana

MKT 012 12"  
18. Playmobil

A1 White
B1 Yellow
B2 Blue

Playmobils MS is the best kept secret on...
White EP

PLAYMOBIL 012 12"  
19. Madhouse Recordings
Raiderz Of The Damned a.k.a. Jason Little vs. Dj Hammond

A1 Revolution
A2 Nasty
B1 Stranger
B2 Confused Part2

Industrial label Madhouse present anothe...

MAD 013 12"  

Releases // Elektronik| top

id label artist |  tracks title |  track artists catalog format EUR
20. Classic Acid House
Various Artists

A1 Acid tracks
A2 Acid man
B1 Acid thunder
B2 Ooochy koochy

Four ultimate '88 acid house classics on...
Classic acid house vol 3

Jolly Rodger
Fast Eddie
Baby lord

CLAH003 12"  
21. Unknown
Daft Punk vs. Afrojack

A1 Pacha on better acid

Single-sided monster acid-drenched mash ...
Pacha on better acid

DAFTJACK001 12"  
22. White Label
Boney M / Demis Roussos / Guns n Roses

A1 Boney M - Nightflight to UR anus

Huge Todd Terje re-edit action of some a...
T.T re-edits vol 1

DM009 12"  
23. Unknown
Sebastian Ingrosso vs. MGMT / Underworld vs. Axwell

A1 Laktos Kids
B1 Lead Slippy

Big Scandinavian remix action of classic...
Svenska gems part one

Sebastian Ingrosso vs. MGMT
Underworld vs. Axwell

24. Unknown
Afrika Bambaataa

A1 Planet rock (Kraftwerk remix)

Huge one-sided release of the classic 'P...
Planet rock

PLANET001 12"  

Releases // Underground Hardcore| top

id label artist |  tracks title |  track artists catalog format EUR
25. Audio Damage

A1 I Believe In Death VIP
A2 Check On My Rep' (2nd 2 None)
B1 The Number (Shotgun Surgery Mix)
B2 Tech Wrecking (2008 Mix)

The Sickness EP

AD007 12"  
26. Base Corrupt
Matt Green & D-Formed

A1 Plasma
B1 Black Forest (Fused Forces Rmx)
B2 Paradize

Base.Corrupt #10

remix Fused Forces

27. Cheese Graterz
Various Artists

A1 Back Off Suckers
A2 Cluster Fuck
B1 Dope Beat
B2 The Spartans
B3 Dig This
C1 ( Reload All Your ) Shooters
C2 Knowledge
D1 Something's Coming
D2 Predacore
E1 Death Sentence
E2 Kickdrum Carnage
F1 R U On Drugs Remix
F2 Black & White Cafe

The Sick Sixth Symphony

Intergalactik Purifier
The Speed Freak
Al Twisted & Sadistic
DJ Tones
Jay Prescot & Riddler

GRATER666 3x12"  
28. Hardline Rekordingz

A1 Dynamic Culture
B1 Hymnen

Dynamic Culture / Hymnen

HARDLINE 024 12"  
29. Lost Frequency Recordings
The Teknoist

A1 15 Boots
B1 Techno Exorcism

15 Boots / Techno Exorcism

LFR003 12"  
30. Marked For Death
Matt Green

A1 Untitled 1
B1 Untitled 2

Untitled 1 & 2

MFD 002 12"  
31. Motormouth Recordz
Razor Edge

A1 Modern Exposure
A2 Kinetic Force
B1 Nuclear Healing
B2 Hag Phenomena

Fuck The End Timers EP

MOUTH002 12"  
32. Narkotik Rekordz
DJ Freak

A1 High Supply
A2 Come On In (Remix)
B1 Killing Me
B2 Fuk U V.1

High Supply E.P.

NARKOTIK005 12"  
33. Narkotik Overdoze
Various Artists

A1 At War With A Statistic
A2 Crushed To Bits
B1 Women Should Stay Home
B2 No One Is Stoppin It

Disturb The Peace E.P V.2

Deterrent Man
Project Industrial vs. Noizefucker

OVERDOZE 002 12"  
34. Corrupt Redux
Matt Green

A1 N.I.T.M.
A2 Annoying Waveform (Matt Green Takerz ...
B1 True Control
B2 Childhood Trauma (Koney Remix)

Corrupt Redux #04

Koney remix Matt Green)

remix Koney

REDUX004 12"  
35. Rigormortis Records
Noizefucker & Trash

A1 Enough
A2 Doomed To Remain
A3 The Story About Mary Bell
B1 Lady Boy Cunt
B2 Tin Of 2NR
B3 Wonder What

Rigamortis Records No. 3

RR003 12"  
36. Sensory Violation
Fiend & Hammer Damage

A1 The Vicious
A2 Living In Fear
B1 Rumble Strips
B2 Legalize It

The Social Outcasts EP

SV012 12"  
37. Xtreme Audio Violence
Various Artists

A1 The King
A2 For The Pussy
B1 Hate Mankind
B2 Anti-Social Behaviour

Xtreme Audio Violence #1

Vague Entity
The Destroyer

XAV001 12"  

News| top

id label artist |  tracks title |  track artists catalog format EUR

Releases // News| top

id label artist |  tracks title |  track artists catalog format EUR
38. Magnetron Music

A1 Video Kick Snare
A2 Video Kick Snare
B1 Video Kick Snare
B2 Video Kick Snare

Video Kick Snare

remix Dada Life
remix Slagsmalsklubben
remix Hug & Pepp

MAG 012 12"  
39. 100% Pure
Butch & Riva Starr

A1 XTC (Butch Mix)
B1 XTC (Riva Starr Mix)


PURE 061 12"  
40. MB Elektronics
Davy Dee

A1 The Yellow Screen
B1 The Yellow Screen
B2 Sweet Violence

The Yellow Screen

remix Kaiserdisco

MBELEK 061 12"  
41. Turbo
Boy 8-Bit

A1 Yard Birds (Demo Mix)
B1 Form The Depths

Yard Birds

TURBO 086 12"  
42. Bitten
Acumen & Timid Boy

A1 You Make Me
B1 You Make Me
B2 Our Opera

You Make Me

remix Bart Skils

BITT 006 12"  
43. Toolroom Trax
Various Artists

A1 Conscindo
A2 The Mighty Ming
B1 Together Forever
B2 Air Breaks

Toolroom Trax Summer Sampler Vol 1.

Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner
Funkagenda & Dave Seaman
Tiger Stripes vs. Exodus
Koen Groeneveld

TRAX 094 12"  
44. Wolfskuil Limited
Dual Shaman

A1 Ocean Breeze
B1 Ocean Breeze
B2 Ocean Breeze

Ocean Breeze

remix TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos

remix Roland M. Dill

WFLTD 011 12"  
45. Remote Area
Makcim & Managemend

A1 Fur Cage
B1 Fraggle Stick Car

Fur Cage

REMOTE 028 12"  
46. Lektroluv
Hey Today!

A1 Strange
A2 Strange
B1 Strange
B2 Strange


remix Polymorphic
remix Boris Dlugosch
remix Munk (2)

LL 34 12"  
47. Area Remote
Acumen & V-Sexion

A1 Somewhere Else
B1 Hou Hou

Somewhere Else

AREA 023 12"  
48. Rockets & Ponies

A1 Sinus Disco
B1 Matinee

Controversy EP

ROCK 004 12"  
49. Dimmer

A1 Quarterpounder
B1 Quarterpounder
B2 Quarterpounder

Quarterpounder Remixes

remix Subdusc
remix Alexx Wolfe
remix Dread J

DIMMER 014 12"  
50. Eskimo

A1 Superstar
B1 She's A Superstar
B2 Superstar


Aeroplane remix The Krays
Aeroplane feat. Chromeo

541416503797 12"  
51. Wolfskuil
Darko Esser

A1 Pechvogel
A2 Pechvogel
B1 Dobro Jutro

Balans Remixes Part 4

remix Gene Le Fosse
remix Giorgos Gatzigristos
remix Warren Fellow

WOLF017-4 12"  
52. Rejected
Maher Daniel / Daniel Dubb

A1 3rd Time Is A Charm
B1 Bring The Heat

3rd Time Is A Charm / Bring The Heat

remix Maher Daniel
remix Daniel Dubb

REJ012 12"  
53. M-Plant
Robert Hood

A1 Power To Prophet
B1 Clash

Power To Prophet / Clash

MPM9 12"  
54. MB Elektronics
Marco Bailey

A1 Pet Shop Bitch
A2 Pet Shop Bitch
B1 Pet Shop Bitch

Pet Shop Bitch

remix Angstrom & Aalberg
remix Christian Smith

MBELEK062 12"  
55. Mote-Evolver
Planetary Assault Systems


GT Remixes

remix James Ruskin
remix Function & Jerome Sydenham
remix P.A.S.

MOTE018 12"  
56. Belgian House Maffia
Various Artists

A1 Quacky (Original Mix)
A2 Dope Demand (TV Rock Remix)
B1 Bromance (Avicii's Arena Mix)
B2 You Know Why (PH Electro Remix)

Belgian House Maffia Sampler 20

& Sidney Samson
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
Tim Berg remix Avicii
Rock Massive

23233056 12"  
57. Mostiko
Various Artists

A1 Take It Off (Dimitri Vegas & Like ...
A2 All Is Love (Original Extended)
B1 This Feeling (Extended)
B2 Tarantella (Chicco Secci Hurricane ...

Mostiko Sampler 005

Regi & Kaya Jones remix Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
Sash! & Jessy
DJ Rebel & Moonflower
Chicco Secci remix Chicco Secci

23233416 12"  
58. Turbo
Azari & III

A1 Indigo
B1 The Worker
B2 Indigo (Dub)

Indigo EP

TURBO 085 12"  
59. Mostiko
Various Artists

A1 She's Gone (Extended)
A2 Can You Feel It (2010 Laurent Wery ...
B1 Come Back (Sidney Samson Remix)
B2 Close Cover 2010 (Bellaert Remix)

Mostiko Sampler 004

Todd Terry remix Laurent Wery
Chicane remix Sidney Samson
Minimalistix remix Bellaert

23233406 12"  
60. Belgian House Maffia
Various Artists

A1 Beachball (Joris Voorn Remix)
A2 Superstring (Nicky Romero Remix)
B1 Just Wont Do (Diskjokke Remix)
B2 I Am The Music (Dolce, Alex Muller ...

Belgian House Maffia Sampler 19

Nalin & Kane remix Joris Voorn
Sol Noir remix Nicky Romero
Analogue People In A Digital World vs. Tim Deluxe remix Diskjokke
Roy Gates remix Dolce & Alex Muller & Victor Vibe

23233046 12"  
61. Curle Recordings
Walt J

A1 Reborn 1
B1 Reborn 1 (Dj Qu's Journey Towards Birth ...
B2 Reborn 2


remix DJ Qu

CURLE-P 04 12"  

END OF LIST...| top