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Born in 1979, Stéphane has always had a passion for electronic music. At the age of 19 he decided to throw himself head first into the art of DJing and soon after was playing at local parties. From 1999 till 2003, Stéphane has played as DJ sets at various locations all over Belgium and France with his funky, punchy and hardgroovy style using efx and three turntables.
In 2004 he decided to get into production and bought his first home studio set up. After a lot of personal work, Stephane signed his first EP in 2005 on" Blackpitchmusic" with an EP called ‘In Memory’, a dedication to his lost brother Sebastien (9/05/1978 – 17/02/2002) and this EP continues to honour his memory.
After a second release on the famous label from Holland “Patterns” , Stephane comes back on the famous Dave Angel label "Rotation", this release already supported by a lot of famous dj’s like Umek, Ben Long, Redhead, Valentino Kanzyani and more is considered as an another must have from the Dave Angel house of Rotation.
A few years later , Stephane signed on the best techno labels like "Rotation", "Planet Rhythm Uk", "Monoid", " Patterns", "Bound", "Yin-yang", "Yin-yang World Series "and" Black Pitch Music" and maked a lot of remix for well knowed foreign artists. His style is described as "unique" and inspired a lot of young talented producers like Reaky, Wyrus, Peppelino, Dj Cristao, Aka Car, Bryant Bakerl and many more !
Begin of 2006, he begins to travel all over the world, Spain, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Hungary, Holland, Colombia just to name a few.
He had the chance to play in some really famous techno clubs like "Industrial Coopera" in Granada, "Rex Club" in Paris, "M47" in Hungary, "Metropolis" in Ukraine, "Domino Club in Kiev" and many more !
In 2007, Stephane is considered by the scene as one of the most considered techno producer/dj in Europe.
In 2008 and during the "invasion" of the "Minimal trend", Stephane tried to take some distance and worked a lot alone in his studio, a long reflection on his self was needed.
2011, Stephane Strikes back with a lot of new releases in a totally new and fresh style of techno,... The story continues !


catno. title label released format
ADR 08 The Magician / Star Rock DJ Adrenaline Recordings 2008 12"
ANT 16 The Fever EP Analytic Trail 2007 12"
APE 017 Twisted Clones EP Primate Endangered Species 2006 12"
BOUND 018 Devil lived Bound Records 2006 12"
BOUND 022 Samba da Belgica Bound Records 2006 12"
BOUNDLESS 001 My Existance Boundless 2006 12"
FELLAS 009 Collaborations Volume 9 Goodfellas 2006 12"
ILR 001 Insane Life EP Insane Life Recordings 2008 12"
ILR 002 Carnateria EP Insane Life Recordings 2008 12"
ILR 003 Carpevita EP Insane Life Recordings 2008 12"
ILR 004 I Hate The World EP Insane Life Recordings 2008 12"
ILR007 We Live In A World Of Ba57ard EP Insane Life Recordings 2011 12"
PATRN 022 After E EP Patterns 2005 12"
PATRN 032 United by music Patterns 2007 12"
PATRN-X005 Whip it Out 2011 Patterns 2011 12"
PATRN-X006 Sacrifice & Dedication 2011 Patterns 2011 12"
PLEC003LP Techno Blend Vol 1 LP Plector 2012 12"
PRMT 1004 PRMT100ver004 Primate Recordings 2007 12"
PRRUK 052 Another life, another dream EP Planet Rhythm 2006 12"
PRRUK 061 The Hype Is Gone EP Planet Rhythm 2007 12"
SPSERIES 018.5 Special Series 18 Special Series 2009 12"
TECTUO We Are Alive EP Tectuo Music 2007 12"
TECTUO 001 We Are Alive EP Tectuo Music 2007 12"
YYR 013 Against the trend Yin Yang 2006 12"
YYRWS 002 France vs. Belgium EP Yin Yang Worldseries 2006 10"

catno. title label released format
ACCESS 014 Mole Off EP Soul Access 2008 12"
TECHHEAD 005 Follow the white line Techhead Recordings 2006 12"
YYR 019 Evil Dancer Yin Yang 2007 12"
ADL 013 Contrast EP Adult 2007 12"
PATRN 040 Load Game Patterns 2008 12"
ACCESS 014 Mole Off EP Soul Access 2008 12"
ILR 003 Carpevita EP Insane Life Recordings 2008 12"
LK 012 An Eye For An Eye EP LK Recordings 2008 12"
KZO 005 Ghost In The Machine / Make Your Move Kazoo Records 2008 12"
TP 005 No Resistance EP Technopassion Records 2009 12"
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