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Analytic Trail

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Analytic Trail


label profile: Analytic Trail

Italian techno label.
Run by Markantonio

CDs on Analytic Trail
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
ANTCD 001 Save my Soul Joseph Capriati CD
ANTLP002CD Musichemistry Markantonio CD
Merchandise Analytic Trail
catalog# title format
Total: 8 products
ANALYTIC ONE L Analytic One T-Shirt L T-Shirt
ANALYTIC ONE M Analytic One T-Shirt M T-Shirt
ANALYTIC ONE S Analytic One T-Shirt S T-Shirt
ANALYTIC ONE XL Analytic One T-Shirt XL T-Shirt
TECHNO REBEL L Techno Rebel T-Shirt L T-Shirt
TECHNO REBEL M Techno Rebel T-Shirt M T-Shirt
TECHNO REBEL S Techno Rebel T-Shirt S T-Shirt
TECHNO REBEL XL Techno Rebel T-Shirt XL T-Shirt
Records on Analytic Trail
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 32 records
ANT 11 Melody EP Markantonio 12"
ANT 12 That's what I like EP vol. 1 Various Artists 12"
ANT 13 That's what I like EP vol. 2 Various artists 12"
ANT 14 No more blood for oil EP Collins & Behnam 12"
ANT 15 Clairvoyance EP A.Paul 12"
ANT 16 The Fever EP Stephane Signore / Wehbba 12"
ANT 17 C'est la vie Joseph Capriati 12"
ANT 18 Playmobil EP Simone Tavazzi 12"
ANT 19 The Bomb EP Alessio Mereu 12"
ANT RMX 01 C'est La Vie RMX Joseph Capriati 12"
ANT RMX 02 Oasi RMX Joseph Capriati 12"
ANT30 Alone Against Markantonio 12"
ANT31 Self Punishment EP Hans Bouffmyhre 12"
ANT32 Alice in Panorama EP Kalden Bess 12"
ANT33 Bailando ep Alberto Pascual 12"
ANT34 Riot EP Frankyeffe 12"
ANT35 Moldy Oscillator ep Alessio Mereu & Xpansul 12"
ANT36.1 Melting Process vol.01 Markantonio & Roberto Capuano 12"
ANT36.2 Melting Process vol.02 Markantonio & Roberto Capuano 12"
ANT37 Wheel Performer EP Sasha Carassi 12"
ANTLP 001-01 Save my Soul Vol.1 Joseph Capriati 12"
ANTLP 001-02 Save my Soul Vol.2 Joseph Capriati 12"
ANTLP 001-03 Save my Soul Vol.3 Joseph Capriati 12"
ANTMC001 Musichemistry Vol 1 Markantonio 12"
ANTMC002 Musichemistry Vol 2 Markantonio 12"
ANTPACK001 Analytic Trail Salespack incl. 35 / 36.1 / RMX4.2 Various Artists 3x12"
ANTPACK002 Analytic Trail pack incl. 21 / 28 / 30 Flavio Diaz / Markantonio / Alberto Pascual 3x12"
ANTRMX003.1 Save My Soul Remix - Including Full lenght CD Joseph Capriati / Cari Lekebush / Fergie 12"
ANTRMX003.2 Save My Soul Remix Joseph Capriati 12"
ANTRMX004.1 Alone Against Remix Markantonio 12"
ANTRMX004.2 Alone Against Remix Markantonio 12"
ANTRMX005 Melting Process Rmx Markantonio & Roberto Capuano 12"

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