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Wyrus is Pavao Karlovic, from Zagreb, Croatia.

Wyrus entered the world of electronic music nine years ago, when he was talked into going to his first party.
As Wyrus was interested in all kinds of music, he developed interest in this one too. After lots of materials listened, he decided to start DJing, and so he began to learn the basics. Not long after his first touch of turntables Wyrus started to play in one of Croatian night clubs where he started his first residency.

The Wyrus style could be described as tribal/driving groovy techno with some electro influences.

He gets his first studio a couple of years ago and after experimenting with different styles he has found himself in techno sound. Althougt his production varies from ambiental sound,trough house and techno all the way to underground d’n’b, most of his tracks come out sounding like groovy techno with powerfull basslines.
Recently he has started a cooperation with Dastin in production and their debut release was on Sub Cult Records 009, with track Curso de la vida. It was a bomb, featured by artists like Pedro Delgardo, Christian Varela etc.
and then become a great breaktrough for both of them into electronic music production scene. Nowdays Wyrus is producing with Prude Polly, and Matija Marinic, and their tracks Hit all the top lists around the world.

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