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Cannibal Society

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Cannibal Society

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label profile: Cannibal Society

Cannibal Society is a Dutch hardtechno label straight from the city of Rotterdam, serving you some serious rotterDamage !
Cannibal Society provides the soundtrack of your nightmares; solid punishment of the mind, man-eating beats, cracking bones and the smell of cooked human flesh on the dance floor.
So take cover and hide, cause the Cannibals are coming to hunt you down and they're freaking hungry !

Merchandise Cannibal Society
catalog# title format
Total: 6 products
CANNIBAL SHIRT L BLACK Cannibal Shirt Black Large T-Shirt
CANNIBAL SHIRT M BLACK Cannibal Shirt Black Medium T-Shirt
CANNIBAL SHIRT S BLACK Cannibal Shirt Black Small Sweater
CANNIBAL SHIRT XL BLACK Cannibal Shirt Black XL T-Shirt
CANNIBAL SWEATER L BLACK Cannibal Sweater Black Large Sweater
CANNIBAL SWEATER XL BLACK Cannibal Sweater Black XL Sweater
Records on Cannibal Society
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 47 records
CANNIBAL 001 Obey or die EP Teknicity 12"
CANNIBAL 002 Addicted to Pavulon EP Tomash Gee 12"
CANNIBAL 003 XIII EP Switchblade 12"
CANNIBAL 004 From Sunna with love EP Mahatma 12"
CANNIBAL 005 Belgian Nightlife EP Hardtrax 12"
CANNIBAL 006 Oderi EP DJ Ogi 12"
CANNIBAL 007 Nature's revenge EP Pet Duo 12"
CANNIBAL 008 Mensenvlees EP Various Artists 12"
CANNIBAL 009 Future is coming EP Greg Notill 12"
CANNIBAL 010 Will of the Wisp EP Switchblade 12"
CANNIBAL 011 Make some noise Jason Little 12"
CANNIBAL 012 Teufelskreis EP Viper XXL 12"
CANNIBAL 013 Anthropophagus EP Anthropophagus 12"
CANNIBAL 014 Urban Violence Lexis 12"
CANNIBAL 015 Nightlife Expression EP Matt M Maddox 12"
CANNIBAL 016 Atomic DJ Ogi 12"
CANNIBAL 017 Messing With Your Head Hardtrax vs. Mike Drama 12"
CANNIBAL 018 Smoking Session EP Leo Laker vs. Tomash Gee 12"
CANNIBAL 019 Stomp It Hard kaoz & S.Ewe 12"
CANNIBAL 020 Dedication EP Manu Kenton 12"
CANNIBAL 021 Still Sick But Not Ill Greg Notill 12"
CANNIBAL 022 Eucaliptus EP Weichentechnikk 12"
CANNIBAL 023 In The Box Ep Greg Notill & Lukas / Monster Mush / DJ Emme 12"
CANNIBAL 024 Ghost Space DJz 12"
CANNIBAL 025 Guards of the Night Sepromatiq 12"
CANNIBAL 026 Exploding Plastix EP DJ Ocram 12"
CANNIBAL 027 All The Extremities EP Svetec 12"
CANNIBAL 028 Run for cover EP Various Artists 12"
CANNIBAL 029 We want u to get mad EP. Lukas & Lexis 12"
CANNIBAL 030 Que Fuerte Alex TB 12"
CANNIBAL 031 Rock It Greg Notill 12"
CANNIBAL 032 Wake Up Waldhaus / FL-X 12"
CANNIBAL033 Batucada Buchecha 12"
CANNIBAL034 Back To Anthem 2009 Albert Kraner 12"
CANNIBAL035 Men To Action EP Greg Notill vs. Barbers & Slugos 12"
CANNIBAL036 Brotherhood EP Mental Crush 12"
CANNIBAL037 Bass Warning EP Lukas & Lexis / Underdogz a.k.a. Lukas & Malke 12"
CANNIBAL038 Brazilian Connection EP Alex TB & Buchecha 12"
CANNIBAL039 Strike It Down Sepromatiq / Boris S. / Lukas / O.B.I. / Svetec 12"
CANNIBAL040 Leave God Out Of It EP Svetec 12"
CANNIBALLP 001 Hannibal LP Various Artists 3x12"
CANNIBALLP001AB Hannibal LP disc AB Various Artists 12"
CANNIBALLP001CD Hannibal LP disc CD Various Artists1 12"
CANNIBALLP001EF Hannibal LP disc EF Various Artists 12"
CANNIBALLP002 Our Message For The Future Album Svetec & Sepromatiq 3x12"
CANNIBALPACK001 Cannibal Pack incl. 24 / 28 / 29 Various Artists 3x12"
CANVSMTRSAMP Cannibal Society vs. Mental Torments Records Mental Crush 12"

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