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Records on Dreaduk
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 21 records
DREADUK 003 The Rocker / Leave Dem Bladerunner 12"
DREADUK 009 Dark Soldier Dark Soldier 12"
DREADUK 010 Defender / Rude Boyz Dark Soldier 12"
DREADUK 011 Ammo Dump / Iron Hands Serum 12"
DREADUK 012 Vapour EP Dj Vapour 2x12"
DREADUK 013 Do You Feel Me EP Ray Keith & Dark Soldier 2x12"
DREADUK014 Ray Keith Presents: Dread Jungle Breaks Various Artists 2x12"
DREADUK015 Analog Bass EP Bladerunner 2x12"
DREADUK016 Feel For You / Time Trap Bladerunner 12"
DREADUK018 Deadly Venom / Prototype Serum 12"
DREADUK019 I Am Renegade - Album Sampler Ray Keith 2x12"
DREADUK020LP I Am Renegade Ray Keith 5x12"
DREADUK021 Cyberdread EP Mr Explicit 2x12"
DREADUK022 Dub War EP Lion Fire feat. Jinx 2x12"
DREADUK030 Dub Dread 5: Artist Series, Vol. 1 Bladerunner 12"
DREADUK033 Steady Eddie EP Digital 12"
DREADUK036 Babylon Dread EP Ray Keith 2x12"
DREADUK037 So Heavy / You Still Here Ray Keith present's Margaman 12"
DREADUK17EP Dub Dread 4 Dubplate Clash Dark Soldier vs. Ray Keith 2x12"
DREADUKLP 003C Sing Time / Yes Yes Terrorist / Babylon 5 12"
DREADUKLP 003E Funky Worm / The Chopper Ray Kieth / Terrorist 12"

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