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Ohm Resistance

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Ohm Resistance

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CDs on Ohm Resistance
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 7 CDs
13MOHMCD Stepping Through Shadows SST CD
16MOHMCD Refuse; Start Fires Scorn CD
18MOHMCD Amongst Villains Silent Killer Breaker CD
1M OHM Forwards In Backwords Time CD
22MOHMCD Before Fire I Was Against Other People Submerged CD
2M OHM Gateway Sinthetix CD
9M OHM You Need Therapy Technical Itch CD
Records on Ohm Resistance
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 21 records
10K OHM Ohmwreckers Part One Impulse Submerged 12"
13K OHM Ohmwreckers Remixes Part 1 Impulse / Submerged / Flea 12"
14K OHM Ohmwreckers Resculpted Part 2 Accela / Process 12"
15K OHM Beyond Repair / Mental Collapse Kiko & Submerged / Accela & Plejik 12"
16M OHM Refuse; Start Fires Scorn 2x12"
17K OHM Vengeance / Dysphoria Submerged & Kain / Temulent 12"
18K OHM Evilution / Power Struck D Star 12"
18MOHM01 Amongst Villains Silent Killer & Breaker / DJ Hidden / Counterstrike / Cooh / KJ Sawka 2x12"
18MOHM02 Amongst Villains Silent Killer & Breaker / Scorn / End.User & Syze 12"
19K OHM Servant / I Love You But I Chose Darkness Submerged 12"
20K OHM Servant / The Return Submerged / Enduser 12"
21K OHM Disciples of the Unreal EP Various Artists 2x12"
22K OHM Orgy / Sovereign Silent Killer 12"
23K OHM Project X / Snap Lethal & Khanage 12"
24K OHM Fuck You / Nothing Lethal & Khanage / Termulent 12"
25K OHM Make Life Illa / I've Given Up The Hammer For The Hatchet Breaker 12"
26K OHM Ohmwreckers Volume 6 Submerged feat. Corrupt Souls / C.A.B.L.E. 12"
27K OHM Endure / Brigade Silent Killer & Breaker 12"
28K OHM Let It Bleed / F.O.T.F. SST & Glitch / The Chosen 12"
5M OHMLPS Method Of Defiance: Inomorata LP Sampler Various Artists 12"
OHM 13M01 Mind Of God SST 12"

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