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Phunkfiction Recordings

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Phunkfiction Recordings


label profile: Phunkfiction Recordings

The two heads behind the Label are
Roman Herbst (Promoter and AR/ Steppin Forward
Entertainment) and Sebastian Wolters dj Bass Tikal
(AR/ Artist). The two are accompanied by
Carsten Lukas aka dj Tigger (Artist and Marketing)

It is our intention to focus all our love for
different soulful music genres in one project that
is neither restricted to one fixed style nor is it
important if the music is done by a newcomer or
an already well known artist ...

Besides the Breakbeat Lounge CD and Vinyl we plan
more compilations as well as 12“ containing
soulful Drum´n Bass, NuJazz, Electro, Ambient ...

CDs on Phunkfiction Recordings
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
PHUNK 010CD Eat Phunk! 2xCD
PHUNK021CD Utopia Triad CD
Records on Phunkfiction Recordings
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 21 records
BOOTPHUNK 001 Xotic remixes 2529 remix Contour remix Bass Tikal 12"
PHUNK 002 Barbi Q / Strings Attached VIP Syncopix / Stare 12"
PHUNK 003 By Ure Side / Changes Ajc 12"
PHUNK 004 Identity / 24 Kubiks & Lomax 12"
PHUNK 005 Wrong Means Right / The Specialist Drumatic 12"
PHUNK 006 4th Street Sound Click / Orange Krush Basic Operations 12"
PHUNK 007 Erratic Soul / Cant Go Back Contour & Stunna 12"
PHUNK 008LP Speak Life Kubiks & Lomax 3x12"
PHUNK 009 So Nasty / Truthseeker Henree / Subz & J-Cut 12"
PHUNK 010 Eat Phunk! Various Artists 3x12"
PHUNK 011 Respiration / Way Back When Lenzman & Submorphics 12"
PHUNK 012 Tell Me Specific remix Zero T 12"
PHUNK 013 Afraid Of Jazz Madmen & Poets 12"
PHUNK 014 Untouchable Paul SG 12"
PHUNK 015 Lay It Down Omar feat. Estelle 12"
PHUNK 016 Left Behind / Lessons To Become Anile 12"
PHUNK 017 Because / Iota NotioN 12"
PHUNK018 Studio Electronics / Solar Flare Atom 12"
PHUNK019 I Belong feat. Rose / Program 3.2 Synth Sense 12"
PHUNK020 The Dreamer EP Eastcolors 12"
PHUNK021 Utopia - Including full CD album Triad 12"

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