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Tram Planet Records

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Tram Planet Records


Records on Tram Planet Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 11 records
TP005 Threshold Living Dialectic Sines Cassette
TP006 Discorporation Essential Tremors Cassette
TP007 Lomay EP Locked Club / RLGN 12"
TP007R Lomay EP [incl. poster] Locked Club feat. RLGN 12"
TP008 Splint Mask EP Future DZ Cassette
TP009 Silence EP Acid Kult Cassette
TP010 SFTD [riso printed card / screen printed tape] Secret Studio Cassette
TP011 For Sale EP [stickered sleeve] Richard Holhburn 12"
TP013 Atom Hell EP [stickered sleeve] Locked Club 12"
TP014 Singular Vectors [stickered sleeve] Nikki Nair 12"
TP015 Cinnamon Behind the Wheel DZee Cassette

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