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Vision Recordings

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Vision Recordings

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CDs on Vision Recordings
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 7 CDs
VSN025CD Outer Edges Noisia CD
VSN029CD Outer Edges Remixes Noisia CD
VSN035CD Manifest - Benelux sales only! Mefjus CD
VSN074CD Outer Edges ∴ Live [full colour digipack + booklet] Noisia CD
VSNCD001S Split The Atom [Special Edition Repress] Noisia 2xCD
VSNCD003 10 Years of Vision Noisia 2xCD
VSNCDS 01 The Tide / Concussion / Lekker / Bonus Video Noisia Hustle Athletics CD
Records on Vision Recordings
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 37 records
DEV1 De-Evolution Part I The Upbeats 12"
DEV2 De-Evolution Part II The Upbeats 12"
VSN001 The Tide / Concussion Noisia 12"
VSN001RP The Tide / Concussion [repress label sleeve] Noisia 12"
VSN002 Lost Cause / Choke Noisia 12"
VSN003 Bad Dreams / Omissions Noisia 12"
VSN004RP Exodus [repress sleeve] Noisia & Mayhem feat. KRS-One 12"
VSN005RP Collision EP [repress sleeve] Noisia / Phace / Black Sun Empire / The Upbeats 2x12"
VSN007R Stigma / Crank [original full colour sleeve] Noisia 12"
VSN008 Split The Atom / Vision EP [full colour sleeve] Noisia 2x12"
VSN009RP Brain Bucket / Falling Through Noisia & Ed Rush & Optical & Spor 12"
VSN010R Friendly Intentions / Displaced [original full colour sleeve] Noisia 12"
VSN010RP Friendly Intentions / Displaced [repress sleeve] Noisia 12"
VSN011 Program / Regurgitate Noisia & Phace 12"
VSN012RP Imperial EP [repress sleeve] Noisia & Phace & The Upbeats 2x12"
VSN013 Diffused The Upbeats 2x12"
VSN014EP Alone EP The Upbeats 2x12"
VSN015EP Primitive Technique The Upbeats 3x12"
VSN017 Hyenas / The Liquid Noisia & Calyx & Teebee / Noisia & Evol Intent 12"
VSN018 Purpose EP - Exclusive numbered limited gatefold Noisia 4x12"
VSN018B Purpose EP Noisia 2x12"
VSN020 Incessant EP Noisia 2x12"
VSN020RP Incessant EP [repress label sleeve] Noisia 2x12"
VSN021 Dead Limit Noisia & The Upbeats 2x12"
VSN021RP Dead Limit [full colour sleeve / incl. dl code] Noisia & The Upbeats 2x12"
VSN025BOX Outer Edges - LTD Boxset Noisia 4x12"
VSN025VINYL Outer Edges - 2x12" release Noisia 2x12"
VSN025VINYLRP Outer Edges [semi-clear white vinyl repress / full colour sleeve] Noisia 2x12"
VSN027 De-Evolution The Upbeats 3x12"
VSN035 Manifest [Solid White Vinyl / Gatefold / incl. dl code] Mefjus 2x12"
VSN035RP Manifest [clear vinyl / full colour sleeve / incl. dl code] Mefjus 2x12"
VSN048 EGO [full colour sleeve / grey marbled vinyl / incl. dl code] IMANU 12"
VSN055 Berry Patch [printed inner +outer sleeve / coloured vinyl / incl. dl code] Machinedrum & Holly 12"
VSN055RP Berry Patch [full colour sleeves / blue marbled vinyl repress / incl. dl code] Machinedrum & Holly 12"
VSN075 Ithaca [full colour sleeve / clear red marbled vinyl / incl. dl code] Thys & Amon Tobin 12"
VSNTOMMY Tommy's Theme / Could This Be Noisia 12"
VSNTOMMYRP Tommy's Theme / Could This Be Noisia 12"

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