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Zodiak Commune Records

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Zodiak Commune Records


Records on Zodiak Commune Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 13 records
ZC-KORE001 White Cyclus IV EP Sam. C / Bangbass / Ling Ling 12"
ZC-KORE002 White Cyclus V EP 1NC1N / AboutBlank / Gelbkreuz 12"
ZC-TRIP001 808 In The Sand [black vinyl] Vikkei / Yakh 10"
ZC-TRIP001LTD 808 In The Sand [transparent orange marbled vinyl] Vikkei / Yakh 10"
ZC008 White Cyclus I Biam / Manuel Fuentes 12"
ZC009 White Cyclus II Various Artists 12"
ZC010 White Cyclus III Jacidorex / Pzylo / VoodooAcid / 01 Rec. 12"
ZC011 Praying Mantis EP 1NC1N 12"
ZC012 Longhorn Beetle EP Acidupdub 12"
ZC013 The Earwig EP [Pantone Sleeve] Yakh 12"
ZC014LP The Butterfly Effect LP [Pantone Sleeve] 1NC1N 2x12"
ZC015 Flying Deer EP [pantone sleeve] Jaquarius 12"
ZC016 Featherhorned Beetle EP [full colour sleeve] Pozek 12"

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