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MPC releases weeknr. #49

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1. Code Works Records
The Advent & Industrialyzer

A1 A1
B1 B1
B2 B2


CW010 12"  
2. Kombination Research
The Advent vs. MinimalRome

A1 Moon Shine
B1 Composite Profuse The Marble Base Cross
B2 Tesla Sonic Sectio Aurea

The Advent vs MinimalRome

The Advent

KRESEARCH034 12"  
3. Labrynth Records
Oscar Mulero

A1 Ceres
A2 Vesta
B1 Palas
B2 Higia

As an accomplished DJ, Oscar Mulero has ...
Asteroid Belt EP

LABRYNTH015 12"  
4. Mastertraxx
Diarmaid O Meara

A1 The Source
B1 Disco Murderer
B2 November

The Source

MAXX 020.20 12"  
5. Naked lunch
Dj Pepo / A.Paul & Dj Slot

A1 Pisha Eager
A2 Judas City
B1 Katuk
B2 Sweep


Dj Pepo
Dj Pepo
A.Paul & Dj Slot
A.Paul & Dj Slot

NL1218 12"  
6. Skyline Type Grooves
Various Artists

A1 Subway Fever
B1 Wake Fever
B2 Transmission

Subway Fever

The Advent & Industrialyzer
Jason Fernandes remix Logotech
Hugo Paixao & Jason Fernandes remix Frenkie V

STG003 12"  
7. The Light Records
Various Artists

A1 Bag
A2 Molekula
B1 Vontade
B2 The Craft

Episode Eleven

Spiriakos & Steen
Spiriakos & Steen remix A.Paul
A.Paul remix Torsten Kanzler

TLE11 12"  
8. Xtractz
Various Artists

A1 Obsession
A2 Santiago Heat
B1 San Miguel
B2 Runner

Xtractz - 01

John Karagiannis & PayLip Service remix A.Paul & Dj Slot
Dj Preach

XT1201 12"  

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