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release-list - weeknr. #10

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1. Abstract Animal

A1 Tellure
A2 Flevorium
B1 La Vérité
B2 La Vérité (Chambray Remix)

After their first appearance as talented...
Périodic Éléments

Unspent remix Chambray

ANIMAL010 12"  
2. Slow Beauty
Martin Schulte

A1 Spring Aroma
A2 Lights
B1 24 Hours
B2 Aquarell

Third single EP "Spring aroma" by prolif...
Spring Aroma

SLOW003 12"  
3. SUB tl
UnCUT / Oscar Mulero

A1 Beneath (Oscar Mulero Remix 3)
A2 Beneath (2015 Rework)
B1 Beneath (Oscar Mulero Remix 2)
B2 F9

It's one year since we started this adve...
Beneath EP

UnCUT remix Oscar Mulero
UnCUT remix Oscar Mulero

SUBTL010 12"  
4. Tome

01 073
02 053
03 153
04 023
05 031
06 122
07 104
08 042
09 132

Ntogn's second full length album was mad...

5. Cardinal
Ilario Liburni

A1 Tiny Little Squares
B1 Tiny Little Squares

For Cardinal number8 we are happy to pre...
Tiny Little Squares EP - Vinyl Only

Ilario Liburni
Ilario Liburni remix Kreon RTFM

CAR008 12"  
6. Phoenix G
Mr. G

A1 Blessed
A2 Paltonic Solids No.5
B1 Space Bassed
B2 Get on Down

Phoenix G's latest output is another Mr....
Still Here

Mr. G
Mr. G
Mr. G
Mr. G

PG055S 12"  
7. Vibes LTD

A1 Untitled
A2 Untitled
B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled

Vol. 8 from the mysterious danish underg...
Vibes LTD vol. 8 - 180grams - handstamped

VIBESLTD008 12"  
8. Frequenza Records
Various Artists

A1 Beat That Bitch
A2 Beat That Bitch
B1 Beat That Bitch
B2 Beat That Bitch
C1 Equilibrium
C2 Equilibrium
D1 Equilibrium
D2 Equilibrium
E1 Soleil Pur
E2 Soleil Pur
F1 Bonjour Meth
F2 Mary Lou

Great!!! The official Johnny Dangerous -...
Frequenza 004 / LTD001 / LTD005

Johnny Dangerous remix Alex D'Elia
Johnny Dangerous remix Andrea Doria
Johnny Dangerous remix Da Lukas
Johnny Dangerous remix Nihil Young
Jellyboyz remix
Jellyboyz remix John Lagora
Jellyboyz remix Fabio Giannelli
Caie! & Lagora remix Kolombo
Caie! & Lagora
Caie! & Lagora
Caie! & Lagora

FREQPACK003 3x12"  
9. Retrofit
Jay Shepheard / Two Scoops

A1 Spring Up
A2 Ohm I
B1 Mover Friendly
B2 Beam Splitter
C1 One Day City
C2 Dance Language
D1 Sweep D'Amore
D2 Night Bells
E1 Friday Juice
E2 The 24h Pop-In
F1 Freakin'
F2 The D Word

For the 20th release on his acclaimed Re...
Seeing Sound / Friday Juice - 3x12" combipack!

Jay Shepheard
Jay Shepheard
Jay Shepheard
Jay Shepheard
Jay Shepheard
Jay Shepheard
Jay Shepheard
Jay Shepheard
Two Scoops
Two Scoops
Two Scoops
Two Scoops

RETROFIT1920 3x12"  
10. Fokuz Recordings

A1 Re-Thinkable
B1 The Worst

If we do the unthinkable would it make u...
Re-Thinkable EP

KEYS001 12"  
11. PRSPCT Recordings

A1 Sweet Revenge
A2 Well Ruff
B1 Dust Out
B2 Dressback

FFF aka Tommy de Roos has been one of th...
Sweet Revenge

12. Soul Trader Records

A1 Resolution
A2 Let You Know
B1 Leave it All Behind (Villem and McLeod ...
B2 Diving Deep

Having been making music for over 20 yea...
Sound Design LP

remix Villem remix McLeod
feat. Salaryman

STRLP001 12"  
13. Eatbrain
Various Artists

1 -36 Tunes in MP3 and WAV format
2 -A sample pack with 181 WAV samples ...
3 -Extra media (artworks, unique Eatbrain ...

Mirror Universe 1-2 4Gb USB

Mirror Universe 1-2 4Gb USB

14. Acid Resistance
Geezer / Marcio M. / Rafinha & more

A1 Monserrate
A2 La Droga No Muerde
B1 Moving
B2 Revolucion Social

Big acid burner!
Acid Resistance 003

Zyco & Ikzio
Marcio M / Rafinha / Zyco
Ikzio & Ignacid

15. Acid Night
Mobile Factory

A1 Machine Du Desert
B1 Rythme Du Desert

Drone & Acidupdub new project... Playing...
Machine Du Desert

16. Dolma
Various Artists

A1 Atmosphere
A2 Distortion
B1 In This Chaos
B2 Lidocaine (Original mix)

Once again a fantastic techno release......

A.Paul & Dolby D
Marika Rossa remix Angy Kore
Ig Noise

DOLMA03 12"  
17. Monnom Black

A1 Vyper
B1 One Million Enemies
B2 Mind Your Business

The 4th release on Monnom Black welcomes...

MONNOM004 12"  
18. PoleGroup

A1 1975 A
B1 1975 B
B2 1975 C

We welcome Mister Adrian back to Pole Gr...
1975 EP

remix Reeko

POLEGROUP023 12"  
19. The Nothing Special
Trevino / Schatrax

A1 Backtracking
B1 Backtracking

Trevino & Schatrax on TNS!

Trevino remix Schatrax

TNS018 12"  

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