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Clone - Import - weeknr. #23

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1. Craigie Knowes
Carl Finlow

A1 Beckoned
A2 Anomaly
B1 Boron
B2 Photonics

Lush and adventurous melodic electro/tec...
Beckoned EP

CKNOWEP1 12"  
2. Electronic Emergencies

A1 Una Androgina Criatura
A2 The Amethyst City
B1 Phantoms
B2 The Flower Of One Petal

Visonia returns to Electronic Emergencie...
Amethyst Eclipse EP

EE010RTM 12"  
3. Kyoku Records

A1 Obsessions
A2 Cinnamon Flavor
B1 Lost In Thought
B2 Cinnamon Flavor

For the first Kyoku Records vinyl releas...
Obsessions EP

Ethyene remix Kumquat

KYOKU001 12"  
4. Lackrec

A1 Night Rocker
A2 All The Right Moves
B1 Crazy On A Saturday Night
B2 Let It Be Me

Preset rompler traxx.
The Hoff

LACK010 12"  
5. Midlight
Vernon Felicity

A1 1996
A2 Desire
B1 Soul Shadow
B2 Safe Travels

VF is a most zealicous producer. With jo...

MID008 12"  
6. Ognidove
Andrea Gabriele

A1 Napoli
A2 Citta Del Vaticano
B1 Taranto
B2 Tripoli

'The music has come into my life when I ...
Sud Europa

OD003 12"  
7. Plangent Records
Various Artists

A1 I Can Tell
A2 Barcelona
A3 There Is Still Time
B1 Gris
B2 Longbrightdark
C1 Nesh
C2 Babylon
C3 Solan
D1 Aeon Sky
D2 Verityacid

PLANGENT RECORDS is back with the first ...
Plangent Compilation Vol.1

DJ Tennis
Douglas Greed
Ricardo Donoso
Mind Against
Tin Man

PLANCOMP1 2x12"  
8. Periodica
Zampera & Mutto feat. Filippo Zenna

A1 So You Are (Vocal)
B1 So You Are (Instrumental)

A smoky 80s nightclub, muffled backgroun...
So You Are

PRD02 7"  
9. Spazio Disponibile
Marco Shuttle

A1 Flusso Dinamico
A2 Danza Cinetica
B1 Flauto Synthetico

Dozzy and Neel's exciting new label Spaz...
Flauto Synthetico

SPAZIO003 12"  
10. Tamed Music

A1 Sidelines
A2 Armenian Paper
B1 TsukUmogami

Label headman Ripperton strikes back on ...
Sidelines EP

Ripperton feat. Quarion

TMQ009 12"  
11. Tamed Music

A1 Knocking At The Door Of The Cosmos
B1 Octagon

Berlin based Quarion make his debut on T...
Funkhaus Phantoms

TMX005 12"  
12. Transcendent

A1 Heavenly
A2 Kill The Drift
B1 Infinity
B2 Renewall

Known for his more elegant and subtle at...
Narrative Collapse

TRSD-W003 12"  
13. X-Masters
Club Skam

A1 Sometimes (Vocal Extended Mix)
A2 Sometimes (Instrumental Mix)
B1 Sometimes (Radio Mix)

Heavy Club banger with some very famous ...

X1601 12"  

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id label artist |  tracks title |  track artists catalog format EUR
14. Bakk

A1 Lego Resistance
A2 The Building Blocks Of Life
A3 Svolvaer
B1 Nowhere Track
B2 Techno Madchen
C1 An Obnoxious Affair On Tape
C2 Myst
C3 Airplanes In The Rain
D1 Are You Really So Deep
D2 Sleeping In The Window
E1 Silent Service
E2 Decay Dream
E3 Furniture
F1 Wir Lebten In Miniland

As days prolong darker, walls come seepi...
Dark Days

BAKKDD1 3x12"  
15. Creme Records
Neville Watson

A1 Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts
A2 Against The Tide
B1 Son Of House

A tip top remix package of Neville Watso...
Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts

Neville Watson remix KiNK
Neville Watson remix Marquis Hawkes
Neville Watson remix Moon B Houzemutha

CR1266 12"  
16. Creme Records
Neville Watson

A1 Dark Star
A2 Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts
A3 Stronger Than Before
B1 Against The Tide
B2 Rough Side
B3 Everything I Know About House
C1 Axiomatic
C2 Son Of House
C3 The Only One
D1 A Better Life
D2 Never Alone

English producer and DJ Neville Watson w...
Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts

CRLP10 2x12"  

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