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label profile: ARTS

ARTS is an independent label established in 2013 based on Sonic dimensions. ARTS Label has influenced by Emmanuel. The product, the artwork and the concept are all based on Sonic issues.

Records on ARTS
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 155 records
ARTS001 Radice Emmanuel 12"
ARTS001RP Radice Emmanuel 12"
ARTS002 Tape EP Samuel L Session 12"
ARTS003 Throbbing EP Jonas Kopp 12"
ARTS003RP Throbbing EP Jonas Kopp 12"
ARTS004 Remixed EP Terrence Dixon 12"
ARTS005 Nova EP Mark Broom 12"
ARTS005RP Nova EP Mark Broom 12"
ARTS006 Tsiu Ep Boner M 12"
ARTS006RP Tsiu EP [incl. J. Tijn Remix] Boner M 12"
ARTS007 Equinox EP Cleric 12"
ARTS007R Equinox EP Cleric 12"
ARTS007RP Equinox EP Cleric 12"
ARTS008 Verrat am Selbst EP Sawlin / James Ruskin 12"
ARTS009 Mentality Emmanuel 12"
ARTS010 Created Force Valmay 12"
ARTS011 Temporal Advice EP Kitkatone 12"
ARTS012 Ritual Vincent Vidal 12"
ARTS013 Steel EP Subjected / Acronym 12"
ARTS013RP Steel EP Subjected / Acronym 12"
ARTS014 Too Fast Recid 12"
ARTS015 Sareet Kitkatone 12"
ARTS016 The Black Infinity Infektion 12"
ARTS016RP The Black Infinity incl. Emmanuel Remix Infektion 12"
ARTS017 Aluminium Keith Carnal 12"
ARTS017RP Aluminium [Regular Sleeve Repress] Keith Carnal 12"
ARTS018 Diaspora Emmanuel 12"
ARTS018RP Diaspora Emmanuel 12"
ARTS019 Nacr Berg Jaär 12"
ARTS020 Warehouse Memories I Hate Models 12"
ARTS020RP Warehouse Memories I Hate Models 12"
ARTS021 Vincent Vidal - Remixed Vincent Vidal 12"
ARTS022 The Detroit Walkout Echoplex 12"
ARTS023 Illusion Keith Carnal 12"
ARTS023RP Illusion incl. Shlomo Remix Keith Carnal 12"
ARTS024 Dreams of a Solo Roberto remix Trevino 12"
ARTS024RP Dreams of a Solo Roberto remix Trevino 12"
ARTS025 Gates Of Dawn Infektion 12"
ARTS025RP Gates Of Dawn Infektion 12"
ARTS026 Where Angels Go Trouble Will Follow Farrago 12"
ARTS027 Lost in Time Parallx 12"
ARTS028 Interdimensional Bug Fabrizio Lapiana 12"
ARTS029 Weight Of The Land - Incl. Francois X Remix Amelie Lens & Farrago 12"
ARTS030 Social Condenser EP Opuswerk 12"
ARTS031 Hardwave Shlomo 12"
ARTS032 Graphite EP Yan Cook 12"
ARTS033 A Love Supreme 3KZ 12"
ARTS034 Hologram Man Hologram Man 12"
ARTS035 'When I Rock' Remixes [printed sleeve] Thomas Schumacher 12"
ARTS036 Hard Light Farrago 12"
ARTS037 Artificial Sin [label sleeve] Netsh 12"
ARTS038 Dream On Baby [printed sleeve] [KRTM] 12"
ARTS039 Waves [full colour sleeve] Power Culture 12"
ARTS040 Intergalactic Emotional Breakdown [stickered sleeve] I Hate Models 12"
ARTS040C Intergalactic Emotional Breakdown [dark red marbled vinyl / stickered sleeve] I Hate Models 12"
ARTS041 Playtime [KRTM] 12"
ARTS042 Will I Ever Sleep Again [stickered sleeve] Raär 12"
ARTSBOX001 ARTS V [luxury box set / 180 grams] Various Artists 5x12"
ARTSBOX001DISC1 ARTS V - disc 1 [180 grams] Various Artists 12"
ARTSBOX001DISC2 ARTS V - disc 2 [180 grams] Various Artists 12"
ARTSBOX001DISC3 ARTS V - disc 3 [180 grams] Various Artists 12"
ARTSBOX001DISC4 ARTS V - disc 4 [180 grams] Various Artists 12"
ARTSBOX001DISC5 ARTS V - disc 5 [180 grams] Various Artists 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE001 Sick Note Radio Slave 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE002 Atlantis Dax J 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE002RP Atlantis Dax J 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE003 Walfisch Roman Poncet / Robert Hood / Psyk 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE003R Walfisch Roman Poncet / Robert Hood / Psyk 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE003RP Walfisch Roman Poncet / Robert Hood / Psyk 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE004 Escape The System Dax J 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE004R Escape The System Dax J 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE004RP Escape The System Dax J 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE005 Penumbra Denise Rabe / Rrose 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE005RP Penumbra Denise Rabe / Rrose 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE006 Installations Emmanuel 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE006R Installations Emmanuel 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE006RP Installations Emmanuel 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE007 Phase Modulation Farceb 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE008 Assist Aim By Guiding The Eye Jeff Rushin 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE009 The Rapture Shlomo 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE009RP The Rapture incl. Inigo Kennedy & Emmanuel Remixes Shlomo 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE010 Disgrace Judas 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE010RP Disgrace Judas 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE011 Escape The System Remixed Dax J remix Par Grindvik remix Slam remix Echoplex 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE012 Selected Works I Subjected 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE012RP Selected Works I Subjected 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE013 Wondering Jeff Rushin 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE013RP Wondering Jeff Rushin 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE014 Genesis Unbalance 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE015 Revulsion Judas 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE016 This Is My Techno Melody Echoplex 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE017 Dystopia Introversion 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE018 Oneirology - incl. SHXCXCHCXSH Remix Denise Rabe 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE019 Solarium Vase 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE021 Selected Works II Subjected 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE022 Heliodor Alfredo Mazzilli 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE023.1 Unsaid pt. 1 Judas 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE023.2 Unsaid pt. 2 Judas 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE024 Laika Introversion 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE025 Oasis Emmanuel 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE026 Dedicate [label sleeve] Joefarr 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE027 Shoegazing [label sleeve] Fabrizio Lapiana 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE028 A Taste Of The Heart [label sleeve] Tim Tama 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE029 Frustration [label sleeve] Julian Muller 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE030 Last Day Of The Collapse [label sleeve] Luis Flores 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE031 Equator [stickered sleeve] Kmyle 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE032 Deep Space Transit [stickered sleeve] Benjamin Damage 12"
ARTSCOLLECTIVE033 No Doubt [stickered sleeve] Paul Roux 12"
ARTSCORE001 Diamonds & Ashes Emmanuel 12"
ARTSCORE002 Totsuka No Tsurugi I Hate Models 12"
ARTSCORE003 Sawmill Keith Carnal 12"
ARTSCORE004 Anathema Judas 12"
ARTSCORE005 Enabler Keith Carnal 12"
ARTSCORE006 Hammerhead [stickered sleeve] Yan Cook 12"
ARTSCORE007 Onryo [stickered sleeve] Introversion 12"
ARTSCORE008 Die Illusion [stickered sleeve] Obscure Shape & SHDW 12"
ARTSCORE009 Time Is Relative [stickered sleeve] Emmanuel 12"
ARTSCORE010 Body Brain [stickered sleeve] Keith Carnal 12"
ARTSCORE011 Wave Of Nostalgia EP [stickered sleeve] Tim Tama 12"
ARTSCORE012 Superwoman 2.0 [stickered sleeve] MRD 12"
ARTSCORE013 REM [stickered sleeve] Introversion 12"
ARTSCORE014 Cold Spots [stickered sleeve] Yan Cook 12"
ARTSCORELP001 Rave Culture LP Emmanuel 2x12"
ARTSGALLERY001 Arts Gallery I - Handstamped sleeve Asmar / Gëinst 2x12"
ARTSGALLERY002 Mantra [hand-stamped] Gëinst 12"
ARTSGALLERY003 Arts Gallery III [hand-stamped sleeve] Linn Elisabet 12"
ARTSGALLERY004 Sacred Intentions [stamped sleeve] Lucid Void 12"
ARTSGALLERY005 Layered Reality [stickered sleeve] Fragment Dimension 12"
ARTSGALLERY006 Absolute Zero [hand-stamped sleeve] ASC 12"
ARTSLP001 Ursprung Sawlin 2x12"
ARTSLP001AB Ursprung [A/B side] Sawlin 12"
ARTSLP001CD Ursprung [C/D side] Sawlin 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT001 I Will Follow You EP Detache 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT002 Growth EP Disrupted Project 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT003 Cold Water EP Traumer 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT003RP Cold Water EP - Black Vinyl Repress Traumer 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT004 The Way Of Light EP Karim Sahraoui 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT004RP The Way Of Light EP Karim Sahraoui 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT005 Silent Dimension Hironori Takahashi 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT006 Dub Series Masters - I EP Zoltan Solomon / Grad_U / Ixm / Hydergine 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT007 Uchronie EP - Coloured vinyl Gëinst 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT007RP Uchronie EP [black vinyl repress] Gëinst 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT008 Alpha & Omega EP - coloured vinyl Karim Sahraoui 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT008RP Alpha & Omega EP [Black vinyl repress] Karim Sahraoui 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT009 Internal Software ASC 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT010 Skorg EP [pink & black mixed vinyl] Mutex 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT011 Chaos Theory [crystal clear + transparent green mixed vinyl] ASC 12"
ARTSTRANSPARENT012 Subliminal Flow State [yellow marbled vinyl / small label] ASC 12"
ARTSW001 UNO Awdha 12"
ARTSW002 Club 25 [label sleeve] Earwax 12"
ARTSW003 Arts White 003 Roberto Clementi 12"
RAVE001 Rave001 Ersatz Olfolks 12"
RAVE002 Rave002 Forward Strategy Group 12"
STEALTH001 Stealth Emmanuel 12"

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