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Records on PRSPCT XTRM
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 65 records
PRSPCTXTRM001RP The Abominable / Bloodclot Techno [black vinyl repress / incl. dl code] The Dj Producer vs. Bong Ra 12"
PRSPCTXTRM002 The Price Is Right / Ghetto Blast The Outside Agency 12"
PRSPCTXTRM002RP The Price Is Right / Ghetto Blast [Transparent Sleeve / incl. download] The Outside Agency 12"
PRSPCTXTRM003 Testify / Power to Distort I:Gor / Counterstrike 12"
PRSPCTXTRM004 No Fear / Crossroad Lowroller 12"
PRSPCTXTRM004RP No Fear / Crossroad [Transparent Sleeve / incl. download] Lowroller 12"
PRSPCTXTRM005RP Blasteroid / Shotgun [solid white & blue mixed vinyl / incl. dl code] Detest 12"
PRSPCTXTRM006 Drag Me To Hell / Legion Delta 9 & Fiend 12"
PRSPCTXTRM007 Digital Chemistry / Adopted To The Dark Dither 12"
PRSPCTXTRM007RP Digital Chemistry / Adopted To The Dark [Transparent Sleeve / incl. download] Dither 12"
PRSPCTXTRM008 War Sei2ure 12"
PRSPCTXTRM009 Punk Attitude Restored The Dj Producer 12"
PRSPCTXTRM010 XTRM Is What We Are Akira / Drokz 12"
PRSPCTXTRM010RP XTRM Is What We Are [Transparent Sleeve / incl. download] Akira / Drokz 12"
PRSPCTXTRM011 Witch Hunt / Fuck That Detest 12"
PRSPCTXTRM012 The Messenger [full colour sleeve / solid white vinyl / incl. dl card] Sei2ure 12"
PRSPCTXTRM013 Time To Meet The Devil / Perfect Machines N-Vitral & Deathmachine 12"
PRSPCTXTRM014 The Beast Incarnate / Face Remover Hellfish 12"
PRSPCTXTRM014RP The Beast Incarnate / Face Remover [purple vinyl / incl. dl. card] Hellfish 12"
PRSPCTXTRM015 Fear / Join Deathmachine 12"
PRSPCTXTRM016 Trapped / Ghetto Kung Fu Synapse & Sei2ure 12"
PRSPCTXTRM017 The Roughest Igneon System / DJ Producer 12"
PRSPCTXTRM018 The New Ruler / Im Not Leaving Hellfish 12"
PRSPCTXTRM019 So Much Sorrow Fracture 4 12"
PRSPCTXTRM020 Raiders Cap / The Polychronican Dolphin 12"
PRSPCTXTRM021 Bang / Intellectual Desires / Lights Out Dither 12"
PRSPCTXTRM022 Built To Hurt / The Price You Pay Innominate 12"
PRSPCTXTRM022RP Built To Hurt / The Price You Pay [Solid White & Red Mixed Vinyl] Innominate 12"
PRSPCTXTRM023 Self Distort EP Deathmachine The Hard Way 12"
PRSPCTXTRM023RP Self Distort EP [full colour sleeve / incl. dl card] Deathmachine & The Hard Way 12"
PRSPCTXTRM024 PRSPCT XTRM 024 Mindustries 12"
PRSPCTXTRM025 Vibrator EP - Downloadcode Included Sei2ure 12"
PRSPCTXTRM025RP Vibrator EP [Black Vinyl Repress / Incl. Download Card Sei2ure 12"
PRSPCTXTRM026 Twisted / Straight Outta Kielce [clear, solid blue, and black mixed vinyl] I:Gor 12"
PRSPCTXTRM026RP Twisted / Straight Outta Kielce [blue marbled vinyl / incl dl card] I:Gor 12"
PRSPCTXTRM027 Hey Motherfucka / Zero Empathy - coloured vinyl Axe Gabba Murda Mob 12"
PRSPCTXTRM028 Eva's EP Micromakine 12"
PRSPCTXTRM029 Hardcore To The Penis / Revolution Tripped vs. Detest 10"
PRSPCTXTRM030 Horsepowder [KRTM] 12"
PRSPCTXTRM032 PRSPCT loves Karnage Various Artists 12"
PRSPCTXTRM032RP PRSPCT loves Karnage [Solid White Vinyl / Incl. Download Card] Various Artists 12"
PRSPCTXTRM033 PRSPCT XTRM 033 Bryan Fury 12"
PRSPCTXTRM034 Loaded & Cocked I:Gor 12"
PRSPCTXTRM035 Monster Truck EP [Yellow & Blue Mixed Vinyl] Khaoz Engine 12"
PRSPCTXTRM036 Don't Fuck Up The Culture EP Detest & Miss Enemy 12"
PRSPCTXTRM037 Time To Stomp EP [White & Transparent Mixed Vinyl] eDub 12"
PRSPCTXTRM038 Nasty / World's End [Clear & Solid Purple Mixed Vinyl] Deathmachine 12"
PRSPCTXTRM039 Last Run / Blood [solid yellow, red, and black mixed vinyl] Penta 10"
PRSPCTXTRM040 Party In My Head [full colour sleeve / incl. dl code] Somniac One 12"
PRSPCTXTRM041 I Send You To Hell / Push the Prozac [black & yellow mixed vinyl] Sei2ure 12"
PRSPCTXTRM042 X EP[red & black mixed vinyl / incl. dl code] Xaturate 12"
PRSPCTXTRM043 F*ck Everybody / Outcasts [clear, solid blue & black mixed / incl. dl code] Hellfish & Bryan Fury 12"
PRSPCTXTRM044 Reflections In Reverse [gold & black mixed vinyl / full colour sleeve] Adamant Scream 12"
PRSPCTXTRM045 Body Slam Musik EP [full colour sleeve / incl. dl code] Akira & Bryan Fury 12"
PRSPCTXTRM046 Fish Rulez / Beast Metal [clear & solid red mixed coloured vinyl] Hellfish 10"
PRSPCTXTRM047 Dead Things EP [printed sleeve / incl. dl code] Meander 12"
PRSPCTXTRM048 Gangzta Cash EP [full colour sleeve / gold vinyl / incl. dl codes] The Satan 12"
PRSPCTXTRM049 Safety Bangers For The New Generation [clear vinyl / printed sleeve / dl code] Somniac One 12"
PRSPCTXTRM050 Can't Describe It ⟨Finally⟩ / Can't Fuck With Me The Dj Producer 10"
PRSPCTXTRM051 Cunts Rule Everything Around Me EP [full colour sleeve / incl. dl code] Dolphin 12"
PRSPCTXTRM052 This Breakes My Fucking Heart EP [full colour sleeve / incl. dl code] Adamant Scream 12"
PRSPCTXTRM053 Bag Of Dicks EP [semi clear vinyl / full colour sleeve / incl. dl code] Detest & Tripped 10"
PRSPCTXTRM054 Rendered Fat [full colour sleeve / incl. dl code] Somniac One 12"

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