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Perc Trax

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Perc Trax

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CDs on Perc Trax
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 7 CDs
TPTCD005 The Power And The Glory Perc CD
TPTCD006 Slowly Exploding 2xCD
TPTCD007 Stowaway Ansome CD
TPTCD008 Bitter Music Perc CD
TPTCD009 L'Âge Des Métamorphoses [full colour digipak] I Hate Models 2xCD
TPTCD010 Hounds Of The Harbour [metal case / full colour booklet] Ansome CD
TPTCD011 Breaking The Seal Ghost In The Machine CD
Records on Perc Trax
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 58 records
TPT 017 1V2 EP Mihalis Safras 12"
TPT 019 Worker Harder Perc 12"
TPT 020 WC Succession EP 2 Salmon / Gonno 12"
TPT 021 Pots & Pans Vol 1. Various Artists 12"
TPT 022 Mathematical Accuracy Go Hiyama 12"
TPT 023 Drifting Gary Beck 12"
TPT 024 Pots & Pans Vol. 2 Various Artists 12"
TPT 025 Wave After Wave EP Misc 12"
TPT 026 Stalefish Material Object 12"
TPT 027 Trapjaw Perc 12"
TPT 028 Ode To The Elders Kyle Geiger 12"
TPT 029 Schock EP Misc 12"
TPT 030 Vanished Between EP Ben Gibson / Perc & Metalogic 12"
TPT 031 El Funcionario EP Xpansul 12"
TPT 032 Defect Ed Rush & Nico 12"
TPT054 Labour Division EP2 Forward Strategy Group 12"
TPT056 Engage Pinion 12"
TPT057 The Nices Way Mondkopf 12"
TPT061 The Power And The Glory Remixed Perc 12"
TPT062 Endless September Furfriend 12"
TPT063 Radiate The Ocean From My Back Yuji Kondo 12"
TPT065 10 Years Of Perc Trax EP2 [full colour sleeve] Perc / Sawf / Truss / Drvg Cvltvre 12"
TPT066 10 Years of Perc Trax EP 03 Various Artists 10"
TPT069 The White Horse [printed sleeve] Ansome 12"
TPT072 Igneous [full colour sleeve] Perc & Randomer 12"
TPT074RP One Louder EP [White Vinyl Repress] Ghost In The Machine 12"
TPT075 British Steel Ansome 12"
TPT075RP British Steel [Black Sleeve / incl. Poster] Ansome 12"
TPT076 Bitter Music Remixed EP1 Perc 12"
TPT077 Bitter Music Remixed EP2 Perc 12"
TPT078 Hellzone Megapunk EP Scalameriya 12"
TPT078RP Hellzone Megapunk EP [Generic Sleeve Repress] Scalameriya 12"
TPT079 Leather & Lace Remixed Perc & Truss 12"
TPT080 Forever 1 Various Artists 12"
TPT081 King Dead EP [white vinyl] Ghost In The Machine 12"
TPT081RP King Dead EP [black sleeve incl. sticker / coloured vinyl repress] Ghost In The Machine 12"
TPT082 Spreading Plague [full colour sleeve] I Hate Models 12"
TPT082RP Spreading Plague [generic sleeve repress] I Hate Models 12"
TPT083 Three Tracks To Send To Your Ghost Producer [full colour sleeve] Perc 12"
TPT084 Eternal Return [full colour sleeve] Tymon 12"
TPT084RP Eternal Return [black sleeve repress] Tymon 12"
TPT085 Look What Your Love Has Done To Me - remixed [printed sleeve] Perc 12"
TPT085RP Look What Your Love Has Done To Me - remixed [black sleeve repress] Perc 12"
TPT086 Blueprint For Disaster EP [full colour sleeve] Scalameriya 12"
TPT087 Everyone's Replaceable Now [full colour sleeve / transparent pink vinyl] Manni Dee 12"
TPT088 Forever 2 [printed sleeve] Various Artists 12"
TPT089 Fire In Negative [full colour sleeve / clear vinyl] Perc 12"
TPT090 Planting Seeds [printed sleeve] The Advent 12"
TPTLP006 Stowaway Ansome 2x12"
TPTLP006RP Stowaway [generic sleeve repress] Ansome 2x12"
TPTLP008 Bitter Music Perc 2x12"
TPTLP009 L'Âge Des Métamorphoses [full colour sleeve] I Hate Models 3x12"
TPTLP010 Hounds Of The Harbour [full colour sleeve] Ansome 2x12"
TPTLP011 Breaking The Seal [full colour sleeve] Ghost In The Machine 2x12"
TPTLP011RED Breaking The Seal [red vinyl repress / full colour sleeve] Ghost In The Machine 2x12"
TPTX001 Temperature's Rising [full colour sleeve / solid red vinyl] Perc & Passarella Death Squad 12"
TPTX002 Hyperlink / London Isn't England Remixed Perc / Manni Dee 12"
TPTX003 90s Hammer RVDE 12"

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